MI Morning Update: Super Saturday only a start, Obama flips again

 99 Days until Election Day

July 28, 2008

QUOTE OF THE DAY: If you like what Jennifer Granholm has done for Michigan, and what Kwame Kilpatrick is doing for Detroit, you’ll love what Barack Obama is going to do to America.

Update by an activist.


SUPER SATURDAY A BIG SUCCESS…BUT ONLY START…folks continue to talk about how well our efforts went Saturday.  But this was ONLY the start.  Victory Centers are up and running statewide and we need your help and time.  Please visit the Victory Center near you and join our Republican effort!

OBAMA TAKES McCAIN’S APPROACH… Obama Says Future Troop Levels In Iraq Are "Entirely Conditions-Based."  So much for his "anti war liberal" approach to Iraq and Afghanistan. See complete text below.

OBAMA…A RISK WE CAN’T AFFORD…since returning from vacation, I mean his campaign trip…or wait, he calls it "credential building" the spectacle continues.  I backpacked through Europe in college and on my honeymoon…and probably got a much better feel for the people, politics, and what was happening than his staged campaign photo-ops.

OBAMA…WANTS TO BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF…but which policy will he pursue…on Jerusalem, on Iraq?… withdrawal or 50,000 residual troops?…on Afghanistan…withdrawal or a major new involvement of our troop?…on Iran, appeasement or not?…on Cuba?…on Chavez?…He CAN’T have it both ways on every issue.  He will say anything to get elected…that’s very scary…very risky.

TALK RADIO 1400 AM…I’ve become a weekly guest on the Hughes Sullivan Show on WDTK-AM 1400, which is broadcast in metro Detroit every evening.  I am scheduled to regularly appear Mondays and Fridays between 9:05-9:45 pm. Good, conservative talk radio.  You can hear it online at http://wdtkam.townhall.com/ 

THE BIG SHOW…every Tuesday morning, Democrat State Chair Mark Brewer and I go head to head on WJIM with Michael Patrick Shiels, where we discuss the issues of the day. The Big Show is heard statewide on many local stations, and  can be heard online at http://www.wjimam.com/article.asp?id=505870

CARD CHECK…Protect the workers’ right to a secret ballot. The vast majority (around 81%) of Americans believe that American workers have a right to have a secret ballot election before they are forced to join a union. Last year the House Democrats passed a bill that would strip American workers of the secret ballot. A new bill should be introduced reaffirming that right, and it should be brought up again and again until marginal Democrats are forced to vote with the American people against the union power structure.  This, coming from a Teamster.

For more information go to: http://www.unionfacts.com/cardcheck/whatIsCardcheck.cfm

JACK HOOGENDYK FOR U.S. SENATE…to follow the latest on Jack’s campaign to defeat Carl Levin go to: http://www.jackformichigan.org/media.htm

SLATECARD…AN EASY WAY TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR FRIENDS…Slatecard was designed to allow easy, online way to contribute and support our candidates for federal office. Please take a minute to check it out…and hopefully help.



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Obama Says Future Troop Levels In Iraq Are "Entirely Conditions-Based." Obama: "I also think that Maliki recognizes that they’re going to need our help for some time to come, as our commanders insist, but that the help is of the sort that is consistent with the kind of phased withdrawal that I have promoted. We’re going to have to provide them with logistical support, intelligence support. We’re going to have to have a very capable counterterrorism strike force. We’re going to have to continue to train their Army and police to make them more effective." Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe: "You’ve been talking about those limited missions for a long time. Having gone there and talked to both diplomatic and military folks, do you have a clearer idea of how big a force you’d need to leave behind to fulfill all those functions?" Obama: "I do t hink that’s entirely conditions-based. It’s hard to anticipate where we may be six months from now, or a year from now, or a year and a half from now." (Richard Wolffe, "Obama’s Sober Mood," Newsweek, www.newsweek.com, 7/26/08)

Can’t wait to see what all the "anti war liberals" say now???



The following stories and more are available at my Articles of Interest online.


Dem proposal misses mark

Posted by Peter Luke
July 27, 2008

A constitutional proposal to slash politician salaries, the size of the Legislature and the size of the appellate courts isn’t being embraced in Lansing. Drafters at the Michigan Democratic Party like it. So do some in organized labor.

But if the polling is accurate, so do more than two-thirds of the state’s voting public. Will that be enough to get the measure on the November ballot?

That will up to elections officials sifting through the some 490,000 signatures the Reform Michigan Government Now organizers turned in July 7. And the courts, which will be asked by opponents in the Republican Party and business community to block the measure. Hoping the GOP succeeds are a good number of angry Democratic lawmakers.


Michigan primary debacle helps spur national officials’ plan for regional rotating votes

Posted by Ted Roelofs
The Grand Rapids Press July 27, 2008

GRAND RAPIDS — Michigan might be the poster child for what ails the presidential nominating system.

Who could forget the farce of its Jan. 15 Democratic primary, for which no one campaigned and Hillary Clinton was the sole contender on the ballot?

"It was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life," recalled Grand Rapids resident Mary Alice Williams, who backs Barack Obama but settled for "uncommitted" that snowy day.

Top elections officials from across the nation — meeting this weekend in Grand Rapids — have a prescription: A system of four regional primaries, rotated every four years to put a different group of states first.


Worthy defends high price of prosecuting Kilpatrick
She says costs could hit $1M; mayor also has ‘some high-priced folk’ working on his case.

Mike Wilkinson and Paul Egan / The Detroit News

DETROIT — Facing an all-star legal defense team, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has created her own sizable squad to prosecute Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

She has picked prosecutors who have put away rapists and killers and hired a former state Supreme Court justice to help them. The office has bought a safe, changed door locks and kept track of tens of thousands of records. A handful of temporary employees has joined the staff.

Worthy said the bill, which could hit $1 million if the case goes to trial and extends into next year, is a fair price to defend a system from scandal. The region cannot prosper, she said, if it doesn’t have confidence in its leaders.


Senate leader wants more done to fix Detroit schools
Republican says state takeover will not happen

David Eggert 
July 28, 2008

Entering touchy terrain, the Legislature’s top Republican is prodding state officials for more information on plans to fix a dire financial mess in the Detroit Public Schools, Michigan’s largest district.

State Superintendent Mike Flanagan is working with the district, which has approved $522 million in spending cuts over the next two years. But Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says the scale of the problem "rises to a different level." More charters?

Republicans think Detroit should have more charter schools. The Legislature allocates money to K-12 schools."You can’t blame the teachers, you can’t blame the parents, you can’t blame the kids for what’s going on in the structure around them," Bishop told The Associated Press last week. "They’re in a structure that doesn’t work. We can’t expect if we throw more money at it it’s all of a sudden going to go online again. It just won’t."


Obama ad surge yields no ‘measurable impact’
McCain seen closing gap in key states

Donald Lambro
Monday, July 28, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama’s summer saturation ad campaign in key battleground states has not increased the Illinois Democrat’s poll numbers, according to senior strategists for Sen. John McCain’s campaign and recent independent polling.

Instead, the race has further tightened in some of the pivotal states that are among the Obama campaign’s biggest ad buys – states that both candidates need to reach the winning number of 270 electoral votes.

McCain: Obama aims to win vote, not war
Rhetoric rises with 100 days to go

Stephen Dinan
Monday, July 28, 2008

Sen. John McCain said his Democratic presidential opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, has played politics with the Iraq war, choosing his positions in order to win a political campaign rather than do what is needed to win the war.

With 100 days to go before the Nov. 4 election, and after Mr. Obama’s weeklong trip to the Middle East and Europe, Mr. McCain sharpened his tone in an attempt to puncture a hole in Mr. Obama’s message that he is a different type of politician.

"Senator Obama doesn’t understand


Obama defends scrubbing visit to wounded troops

Sat Jul 26, 2008 5:28pm EDT

LONDON (Reuters) – Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Saturday defended his decision to cancel a visit with U.S. troops at a military hospital in Germany because of concerns it would be viewed as a political event.

Obama had intended to stop at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Friday morning, the day after delivering a speech on transatlantic relations in Berlin as part of his trip to the Middle East and Europe.

But the campaign issued a statement saying the Illinois senator decided to drop the visit from his schedule after an adviser was told it would be perceived as political.


Obama’s red state hopes up

David Espo / Associated Press
Monday, July 28, 2008

CHICAGO — With 100 days remaining in the race for the White House, Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama says he has succeeded in expanding the electoral map in his race against John McCain, principally in Southern and Southwestern states but also in Montana and North Dakota.

"It doesn’t mean we’re going to win all those states, but at least we’re making it a contest and giving voters something to choose from," he said in an interview aboard his campaign jet on the way back from an overseas trip.

"Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia are all states where we are competitive," he said, adding he is going "toe to toe" with his rival in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

GOP challenger might topple Rep. Murtha
Sunday, July 27, 2008
Michelle Malkin

A jaw-dropping political miracle may be on the horizon. No, I’m not talking about the second coming of the Obamessiah. I’m talking about the long-deserved comeuppance of troop-smearing, pork-feasting, scandal-tainted Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania.

The 18-term congressman’s challenger, staunch conservative Republican newcomer William Russell, raised nearly $670,000 in the second fundraising quarter. Earmark king Murtha scraped together a measly $119,000. Russell’s underdog campaign bested Murtha without the perks of incumbency, national name recognition, big PAC donations or mainstream media support.

Even more amazing: The 45-year-old Russell, a Desert Storm veteran, former Army lieutenant colonel and Army reservist who survived the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon, was not even publicly campaigning during the quarter. He is on active duty with the Army until after Aug. 1 and is barred from actively campaigning until then.

Be Afraid. Please.

July 28, 2008

Life is full of disappointments.

Early Friday, I went to the Real Clear Politics Web site, as I do every morning, for my fix of political news and commentary. I perked up when I saw the third entry on the list of that day’s notable articles – "No. 44 Has Spoken."

"Hank Aaron has spoken? Wow," I thought as I clicked through.

Nope. The article was by Gerhard Spörl, the chief editor of Der Spiegel’s foreign desk. "No. 44" didn’t refer to the uniform number of the man some of us still consider the true all-time major-league home-run champion. It referred to the next president of the United States. The article’s premise was that an Obama victory is a foregone conclusion: "Anyone who saw Barack Obama at Berlin’s Siegessäule on Thursday could recognize that this man will become the 44th president of the United States."