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109 DaysUntil Election Day

July 18, 2008


McCAIN FUNDRAISER ABIG SUCCESS…at Ambassador Peter Secchia’s home on LakeMichigan.  The final numbers aren’t in, but this maybethe largest fundraiser ever held in West Michigan for a Republicancandidate.  As always, Peter and Joan Secchia were gracioushosts.

MACKINAC CENTEREXPOSES…who’s behind the Reform Michigan GovernmentNow proposal and why it’s really just a ploy to take over thecourts and legislature by the UAW and other specialinterests…when you can’t win at the ballot box, youcheat, lie and steal by trying to fool the voters ofMichigan.  Check it out. http://www.mackinac.org/articlewef.aspx?ID=9668

MICHIGAN MATTERS:With the presidential contest in full swing, the question becomes,how big a factor will Detroit and the state be in the race? I offermy opinions on that along and other things along with Denise Ilitchand Derrick Miller as host Carol Cain grills us on that and more.Watch "Michigan Matters" on WWJTV (CBS Detroit TV 62) at 8:30 a.m.Sunday and repeated at 11:30 a.m. Sundays on CW50 (WKBD). The showis also posted online Sunday afternoon at www.wwjtv.com.

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McCain to talk atGM tech center

The AssociatedPress 

WARREN, Mich. (AP)— Republican presidential candidate John McCain is eager tovisit the place where General Motors Corp. is designing its firstplug-in electric car.

He plans to hold aninvitation-only town hall meeting Friday morning at the GMTechnical Center in Warren. The Macomb County center just north ofDetroit employs nearly 17,000 people.

McCain flew intoMuskegon on Thursday to attend a fundraiser at the Ferrysburg homeof former ambassador Peter Secchia. He overnighted in the Detroitarea. 

NAACP gives McCain a respectfulreception

By Robin Abcarian,Los Angeles Times

CINCINNATI — JohnMcCain ventured into solid Barack Obama territory Wednesday when headdressed the 99th annual convention of the country’s venerablecivil rights organization, the NAACP.

He did not draw the crowd that greeted his Democratic opponent hereMonday, where, as one organization official put it, "even theoverflow room had an overflow room," but McCain received arespectful reception for his speech on education reform.

"After decades of hearing the same big promises from the publiceducation establishment, and seeing the same poor results, it issurely time to shake off old ways and to demand new reforms,"McCain said. "That isn’t just my opinion; it is the conviction ofparents in poor neighborhoods across this nation who want betterlives for their children."

Former Obama aidesought to benefit from "change"

By JonathanMartin 

A former campaignand legislative aide to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has soughtgovernment affairs clients in Washington by reminding potentialprospects:

“Should‘CHANGE’ occur in November as polls indicate, we shouldsee a lot of people from Illinois moving to Washington D.C. andtaking key spots in an Obama administration. Now is the time toanticipate these changes.”

Obama’s campaigncalled the e-mail "inappropriate," and the former aide said he’llbe more careful in the future.

The pitch by DanShomon, who was political director of Obama’s successful 2004campaign for U.S. Senate, reflects the effort by some supportersand associates of the senator to leverage his political success– and the possibility that he will be president of the UnitedStates a scant six months from now.

Who Obama Should See inIraq


BarackObama is headed to Baghdad, probably within days. It’s a shame hechose to pre-empt the visit with a big speech and an op-ed on thesubject. He just might learn a thing or two while he’sthere.

Ihelped plan these congressional delegations (or CODELS) to Iraq forover 250 congressmen and senators when I worked for the CoalitionProvisional Authority. I know that congressmen find themilluminating despite the obvious limitations imposed by time andsecurity concerns. Here are some individuals and groups Mr. Obamashould make it a priority to see:

Sheikh Abu Risha. He’s a founder of what’s become known asSahawa al Iraq, or the Anbar Awakening Movement. This is thegrass-roots Sunni tribal movement that has driven al Qaeda fromRamadi. Abu Risha inherited the leadership of the movement inSeptember 2007, after his brother was assassinated.

Editorial:Obama’s Iraq Timetable

BarackObama’s new position on Iraq, which turns out to be the same as hisold position, is disappointing. It’s too confining, leaving toolittle room to adjust to changing conditions.

– Earlylast year, when the war was at its worst, Obama said he wouldwithdraw U.S. troops within 16 months of becoming president. TheDemocrat set this timetable partly because, he said, the Americanmilitary could not referee a civil war between Sunni and ShiiteMuslims.

– Since then, President Bush ordered more troops to Iraq. This"surge," coupled with a strategy of turning Sunnis against foreignal-Qaeda fighters, has succeeded in reducing violence.

– It’s too soon to tell if this relative stability is temporary orthe permanent foundation for a healthy society. Civilian leadershave not yet seized this opportunity to strengthen their youngcentral government, nor is the Iraqi military fully capable ofstanding on its own. But the surge of U.S. troops at least hascreated conditions that make these goals more possible.

Another inconvenient truth down the Obama MemoryHole


Thestaggering implications of another embarrassing Obama statementwould remain unexplored, with the public record obscured, were itnot for a video clip of one of his speeches posted to the web andalert internet journalists. As first developed  byWorld Net Daily’s Joseph Farah, the story is about what thecandidate said in Colorado Springs on July 2nd:

Wecannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve thenational security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have acivilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just asstrong, just as well-funded.

Publishedtranscripts of the speech in the Wall Street Journal andDenver Post  did not include the remarks, which apparentlywere added to the prepared transcript. Another instance of thedangers of letting the candidate deviate from theteleprompter?

Iraq’s security’remarkably better’

By RowanScarborough

The nation’s topmilitary officer Wednesday declared the security situation in Iraq"remarkably better," so good in fact that he expects to recommendmore U.S. troop reductions this fall if conditions hold.

Just back from atour of two war fronts – Iraq and the Afghanistan-Pakistan region -Adm. Michael G. Mullen said he expected to witness improvements inBaghdad and across Iraq, but was surprised by how well a17-month-old U.S. troop surge has worked.

"I won’t go so faras to say that progress in Iraq, from a military perspective, hasreached a tipping point or it is irreversible," Adm. Mullen, theJoint Chiefs chairman, said at a press conference with DefenseSecretary Robert M. Gates. "But security is unquestionably andremarkably better."

Democrats’strategy for state control revealed


LANSING — Documentsrevealed Thursday make the case for how a $4.9-million campaign,funded partly with in-kind contributions from the MichiganDemocratic Party, could accomplish in one bold gesture what fordecades has eluded state Democrats: total control of the threebranches of state government.

Backers of theReform Michigan Government Now! petition drive, which last weekturned in more than 470,000 signatures to put the issue beforevoters in November, had said their idea to radically changeMichigan’s Constitution was a nonpartisan effort to reformgovernment by making the bureaucracy more efficient with a smallerLegislature and judiciary and lowering pay for electedofficials.

But the documentsthat surfaced Thursday suggest there was truth to the charge of aDemocratic conspiracy for the campaign that — to date — no onehas claimed credit for organizing or underwriting

 Onewild day in Detroit says it all


Former Pistons greatDave Bing may or may not run for mayor. Whatever he does, thebasketball star turned business mogul is right about one thing:Detroit desperately needs to regain the credibility its electedleaders are destroying with each passing day.


In the space of onebusiness day, two City Council members with the last name Cockrelclash with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s deputy, Anthony Adams, who issummarily barred from council chambers just before a vote torescind the Detroit-Windsor tunnel deal. Charges of "respect" and"disrespect" are lobbed, and the city’s finances are wobbly againbecause proceeds from the lease deal were supposed to balance thebudget.

And CouncilwomanSheila Cockrel confirms that the feds have subpoenaed her recordsin connection with two council-approved deals under investigationby the FBI.

And The News reportsthat phones used by the mayor’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, werewiretapped as part of a federal probe into the city’scouncil-approved sludge contracts with Synagro TechnologiesInc.

Michigan’s growing oilboom


LANSING — High gasprices may be hammering Michigan consumers and the overall economy.But in one sector — the state’s relatively inconspicuous, butwell-established oil and gas industry — they’re contributing to amodest business boom.

State regulators andoil insiders interviewed in the last 10 days said interest in oiland gas leasing, drilling and production appears to be on theupswing in recent months, as crude oil topped $140 a barrel beforefalling below $130 a barrel Thursday.

A late-May auctionof state-owned oil and gas mineral rights was one of the largest inyears (149,000 acres) and completely sold out for the first timesince 1981, said Julie Manson, a supervisor in the Department ofNatural Resources’ lease management unit.


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