Act Now! Or Suffer The Consequences!!

In 2010 when the country is looking back at 2008 as the results of 2010 election is begining to settle in, conservatives across the US will wonder what happend to all the doom and gloom that was being tossed about during Thanksgiving.

I believe that Conservatives will rally around the GOP and take back the Senate and make a deep dent into the Liberal Majority in the House. You may ask why are you so optomistic about the future.

Like Ronald Regan, I believe in the good judgement of the American People. Just as the Left believes in that the American People are not smart enough to make good decisions on their own, I believe that the American People will hold the Democrats accountable for their far left agenda.

Just like when Hilary and Bill tried to Nationalize HealthCare in the ’90s, the American People rejected the idea by turn the House back to the Republicans. When ever either party over reaches or does not listen to the will of the people, the people make changes. Example being this years election.

The American People want a center to right goverment. When the Republicans wander away from that, they are tossed out of power. The public will tolerate a center left goverment as long as they do not over reach. Which Bill and Hilary did with National Health Care.

The Obama Administration will suffer the same fate as the Clintons if they over reach. I belive whole heartedly that Obama will do just that. The left will feel that they have a mandate, which given the size of the their victory,they will act accordingly. What they do not understand is that the American People are punsihing the Republicans for their failures, not asking for the changes promised by the Left.

So in 2010, the far left will be suffering from a hangover of major proportions given the 2 year party they will have starting in January 2009. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hilary Clinton will be left wondering what happend in the last 2 years. They tried to do everything that they promised and the American People will have rejected most of it by destroying the Democrats Majority in the Congress.

The country will see that they have elected another Jimmy Carter and will soundly send Barrack Obama to the Dust Bin of History. Even though there will be screams of racism by the what will be left of the shrinking Main Stream Media, the American People will know that it was not the color of Obama’s skin, the content of his far left policies that caused his failure.

Just like Jimmy Carter, Brrack Obama will be left wondering what happend to his dreams. It will be too bad that Obama will not learn from the mistakes of one of the worst Presidents in American History. Jimmy Carter.

So that is my story and I am sticking to it.