This Election Is Not About Republicans vs. Dems

Confession: Two weeks ago I felt myself succumbing to a terrible depression that was specific to this election as well as the market, which appeared unable to find any solid footing. I admit it. I was wimpy. I was fearful. But I don’t believe I was alone. Truthfully, I can’t even remember what was actually happening two weeks ago, this election cycle has been such a mish-mash overload of disingenuous information, particularly from the MSM, that I need an excel chart just to keep it all straight.When McCain started gaining some traction with Joe The Plumber, I began to feel the tightness in my chest ease a little. I also started visiting those PUMA sights. Just a little bit at first, but now it’s everyday, just like I hit my favorite conservative blogs.

I love the conservative blogs I visit. But when a whole bunch of folks are clinging desperately to the muddy sides of a mental pit, trying not to go down, the air gets a little fetid. And that was happening. Not so much here on Red State. But some other places.

Now, a whole lot of conservatives would not be caught dead on a PUMA sight, but I have to tell you, those people really started pulling me away from the inner negativity that was bringing me down. That they were actually supportive of Sarah Palin blew me out of my chair. My belief system is just about spot on with Palin. So that would make me…not so much with the PUMA group. I will always disagree with Dems on some important issues.

But the Democratic Party under Barack Obama is a radically different party than it was 50 years ago—radical being the key word. And the PUMAS know this. They know Obama is a socialist/communist/radical, and they know that is not what is best for this country. They also know his tricks, and many of them will tell you he is evil. Obama supporters say it’s just sour grapes on their part and if there may be some righteous justice at the heart of their movement, who could blame them? What I found we have in common with them, is that the Obama campaign and the media (redundant, I know) treat the PUMAs the same way they treat conservatives. What is happening now is that conservatives and PUMAs are truly uniting against Obama, for the good of the country. They have a group going into Ohio this week-end to work the ground for McPalin. Republicans are donating money to them. Alot of people found the Hillbuzz site yesterday because Rush mentioned it on his show. I happened to be home yesterday, and I had not been able to listen to Rush for awhile. I nearly fell out when I heard it.

This is an excerpt from one of their blog entries today:

“If you do just ONE THING today, we ask you a personal favor: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to as many Republican blogs as you can and WARN THEM that the Obamedia will tell you all weekend that Obama is winning Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia, and other states we do not believe Obama will win (except for Iowa, which we still think goes to Obama, but our best sources claim McCain now leads in internals by 1 point). They are already starting to say truly crazy things like “Obama will win Louisiana and Arkansas!”, and that’s just nuts. That is your equivalent of the Obamedia swearing up and down that the Kennedys and Oprah would win Massachusetts and California for Obama. WE knew that was pure cockamamie nonsense, but Eeyores wet their pants on cue over this. So, the Obamedia’s marching orders are to freak all of you out with SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS! in Lousiana, Arkansas, Georgia, etc. just to shake your faith and confidence.”

(Note: RS I know I’m supposed to link this, but the link-thingy is working backwards please forive)

They know what they’re talking about, ’cause they already went thru all this in the primarys, and they see the same thing happening again with the Republicans. I live in Georgia, and I can tell you it’s happening here too. (Chamblis is the one in the hot seat, and if they can repress Republican turnout, he could lose it. They would love to see a Senate seat go Dem in Georgia.) They are actually touting that Barack can take Georgia. And that is simply extremely highly unlikely. In fact, I would call it a lie.

Rush was talking about Hillbuzz because there has been a few long commnets on their blog from a supposed Obama campaign worker that has talked extensively (and anonomously) about the pyche-out methods Axelrod is using. First to defeat Hillary, and now McCain. I don’t care if this worker is for real or not…the methods described make perfect sense of what has been happening with the polls and the MSM. Whoever wrote it knew what they were talking about. And if you are feeling discouraged, and you have not done so already, I encourage you to go over to HillBuzz and do some reading. You will come away feeling better. There is alot of good information over there. They ain’t just whistling Dixie.

Although everyone understands that the PUMAs and the conservatives will be opponents at some point in the future, everyone also understands that what we face now is actually an epic battle for the heart and integrity of our country. There is newfound respect, and dare I say, a true bi-partisanship on both sides that extends from the heart, not because some politician (!) said so. The PUMAs are dedicated to helping us drag Johnny Mac across the finish line. We can fight later.