The Real Third World

Admittedly, I was unable to watch BHO’s info-mercial last night. I just can’t stomache the guy. He does not hypnotize me in the least; in fact his stuttering and uneven slow-voice-cadence are like blackboard scratching to my ears. If I care to see what he has to say, I usually read a transcript, and often I rely on other posters on this site for their analysis. It’s not that I can’t think for myself; I can and I do. But the information I get from fellow conservatives is more reliable than anything I can get from the MSM. Or,the Left Wing Media, if you prefer.

Apparently one of the themes presented last night was that the US is a terrible, horrible place to live. Because the US government does not care about the struggling folks out there and will leave them to twist in the wind and lead miserable lives. My understanding is that he portrayed the USA as currently on the verge of becoming a third world country, and only he and a bigger government can save us.It saddens me that this ploy works on the gullible. I wonder how many of them have ever experienced a true third world country? My guess would be, not too many.

In the last 15 months I have traveled to Haiti 3 times. What was crushingly obvious to me after my first trip was how blessed we are in the US. I know we spout that as patriots, and I have always believed it, but I had to see it to really understand it. What I saw in Haiti opened my eyes to the world and our place in it for the first time. We are so blessed. When I came back after that first tip, my anger was renewed towards the folks here in America that refuse to work, that whine and complain incessantly about how bad things are. The people that never take personal responsibility for their lives. These people expect the government to fix all their problems. The hucksters that sell this rhetoric. I had just come back from seeing many sick and malnourished children, illiterate and unemployed adults that would have give anything they had (not much) to eat, to have clean water, to work, to make money, to feed themselves and their children.

The politics of Haiti are a tangled web unto itself, and I will not say much about that here. I do not discuss it when visiting that country either. It’s dangerous enough, especially as a blond causcation female who sometimes travels alone, without bringing that kind of attention to myself. Most of the people in Haiti I meet are warm and intelligent (if not educated) but desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures, and I have no desire to end up as a kidnapping statistic. Many people retain a gracious spirit against all odds, regardless of the hell-hole they are living in. Many of them retain a spirit of hope, when it is perceivable that they have none.

While all of my trips have been memorable, my last one in June stands out for a number of reasons. It was only 2 months after the food riots that killed 9 people. Things were calmer by June, but still the undercurrent was tense and uneasy. The general population was being sustained by food handouts, and fear was in the air. Fear that there would not be enough food, and fear that they could not afford it. What the UN giveth, the UN can also take away. Fear. So yes, I was seeing first-hand the effects ‘crops-for-food’ was having on an entire population that is isolated by water and already on the verge of starvation. I am wholly opposed to this type of bio-fuel development. It produces nothing but chas and death in the long run.

Something else occured when I went to the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince to file some paperwork. They let us thru the security area, and we walked into a courtyard where there was a HUGE American flag flying. It was SO comforting to see it there, and I also felt relieved and proud at the same time. I would have taken a picture but they confiscated my camera in security. I was with two other American women, and of course we stood out like sore thumbs. When we entered the embassy, we had to wait for the officer, and while we were waiting we met a Cuban man. According to his story, he had left Cuba, perhaps on a work visa? Not sure, his English was rudimentary. He offered up some tidbits of life in Cuba*how there were many educated people with jobs as professionals that hardly pay a living. He was speaking of doctors, but asserted that he was an engineer. He reiteratd over and over how there was no opportunity in Cuba. He was obviously trying to get a visa to the US from Haiti, as he would have no chance of that in Cuba. Then he proceeded to try to hustle me and asked me to marry him. Later I found out he had done the same with one of my other friends while I was talking with the Embassy Officer. I wanted to laugh but realized how sad that was, to what extreme people will go to to get into our country! I’m sure he figured he had a better chance with me or my friend than he did with the Embassy.

So when Barry Obama starts doing his best to convince us that this great country is a systematic oppressor, how government is the answer to all problems, and what terrible shape our nation is in, I know without a doubt that he is a cruel liar. If he wins this election and continues to use the Alinsky model to promote his brand of change, we are headed for trouble and third world status. A world where everyone is educated but nobody can make a better life for themselves. A world where people are too busy trying to survive to figure out they have been brainwashed. A world where the people have no power against an oppressive government. A world where the state gets all your money for redistribution.

Don’t believe me? Travel around a little bit. You won’t even have to leave this hemisphere.

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