The Fight For Our Country

The past week or two have been extremely frustrating. Like many, I keep wondering why McCain won’t fight back on the FM/FM debacle, when he should be in the driver’s seat on this one. Would he rather preserve his honor than win an election? I am not being snarky. I understand the need to ‘not take the low road’. However, you have to strike when it is deserved. As a warrior he certainly understands this. To win this election, he has to be on the offensive. The democrats, and Obama/Biden, deserve to get hit, and hit hard. Like a bulls eye target. There is nothing wrong with that!

In addition, there is the whole concept of the bail out, whether it is wrong or the right thing to do, and how it’s all going to pan out. It is wrong that it happened in the first place, and the persons responsible (Franklin Raines etc.) should not only be held accountable, I truely do not understand why he and his buddies are not going to jail. Where I work, this is called fraud. Resulting in embezzellment and that is ALSO criminal. I understand that those in theknow think the ‘rescue’ is the only good short term solution, and they are probably right, but letting those responsible in the first place off the hook, only sets us up for more of the same and future socialism. Looky, the states are already coming forward with that issue, starting with my native state of California. Wants/needs a $7 million bailout.

I have been frustrated with the MSM since the NYT denied McCain his editorial last summer. They are indoctrinating this country, and it’s sad that people will not wake up and think for themselves. I can get the NYT for free on on my job, (print version) but I politely decline. I boycotted Newsweek after their hit job on Southerners last summer, declaring anyone in the South that does not vote for Obama is backwards and a racist. So I am now reading Fox News and the Wall Street Journal for information. And using my brain.

It seems like the world is falling apart and fast. Is this how Alinsky planned it? Why do people think Obama can fix the economy when he is part of the problem? When did “uplifting” the middle class ever grow our economy? (paraphrasing Joe Biden at the debate the other night) The only one out there really hitting the mark right now is the ‘Cuda and thank God for her. Bless him, McCain is trying but he’s not making any direct hits lately, and he really really, really needs to. Where is the old fox?

I am terrified of the weak and socialist government that Obama/Biden want to construct for our country. Terrified for my children and grandchildren and generations to come. These people are either stupid or plain-faced power hungry. Who is going to be writing the history books? The teacher’s unions? The MSM? Are we going to let that happen with out resistance? Or will it matter once the Islamo-Facists get ahold of us?

In venting frusrtation, I’m calling for a fight. Fight back. Fight for your country! Fight for your rights, which could soon be gone under an Obama administration. I know it feels like we are standing on quicksand, but do not give in! Fight for all that is good and true and right!