My Interesting Day Volunteering for Ted Cruz

Today was a big beautiful day.  Today was the day I started phone calling for Ted Cruz at home. In the comfort of my cozy abode, I called about 95 residences in the Texas area likely to come out and vote for Ted Cruz.  Many were not home, or did not answer.  I contacted around 55 total people, a few in the same household.  Did I take perfect notes?  No.  These numbers are based on crude tally-marking on a sheet of note paper.  It was actually kind of fun; most of all, I felt like I was making a difference.

Drum Roll Please….42 people said they were voting for, or already had voted for Ted Cruz (early voting is going on in Texas).  Ten were undecided, two said no.  Knowing myself, I delved a little deeper into the minds of the undecideds-going a little off script.  I asked some of these nice Texans if they were willing to tell me why they were undecided.  I had about 4 people tell me that they didn’t know what to make out of the “lies” they were hearing about Ted.

Granted, most people really don’t pay much attention to politics unless it makes the headlines.  But in my mind, this kind of proved what I’ve been thinking.  What is Ted’s platform?  TrusTed.

Trump can’t stand on the issues, so he’s calling Ted a “liar”.  The ironic part of that is that he lies almost everyday, flip-flopping like a fish, whatever will win him votes.  Rubio is calling Cruz a liar because he is running as far away from his record as he can.  With the help of surrogates like Trey Gowdy, they are going full throttle on Cruz.  By the way, did you know Terry Bransted (Governor of Iowa) son’s ethanol lobby PAC has decided to come down to South Carolina and spread more lies about Cruz because he actually stood up against subsidies in Iowa?  Lastly, Ben Carson continues to promote the narrative that he was actually harmed in Iowa.  Rubio and Trump have both jumped on board trying to create the narrative that you can’t trust Ted.  Why?  Again, what is Ted’s platform?  TrusTed.  Notice how no one is really hitting Cruz on substance right now.  Rather, they are trying to impune his character.

Just remember this.  The establishment wanted Bush to win, but is willing for Rubio to take his place.  The media wants Trump to win because they love the ratings.  Are we going to let them win?  If all they can do is go after his character, what does that tell you?  He is rock solid and has the record to prove it.

Do what you can.  Talk to your friends and neighbors-in a kind, friendly way.  Email people, phone call or block walk for Cruz, put out your signs.  If you can’t do any of these things, go on-line and buy a bumper sticker.  And then, plaster it on your car to show support-it’s the easiest thing to do!

Here are some great articles about all the “Lies.”  Please email them to people who only hear what the media says and need help in understanding what is going on out there, getting down in the weeds and the motivations of other campaigns.  I would also highly recommend everyone watch the town hall from last night.  Cruz was brilliant as always, and full of substance with full command of the issues.  TrusTed!

Lastly, please pray for Ted Cruz, his family, friends, and his staff.  Pray that people’s eyes will be opened to the truth, their record, and what is best for our country.



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