Rubio or Cruz

Ok-a disclaimer to start this off.  I realize that no candidate is perfect or completely pure.  This is politics after all.

Everyone likes Rubio. He’s charismatic, cute, likable, a great orator, smart, can think on his feet, etc. I like Rubio.
But, I’m not going to vote for someone based on how likable they are. That’s why people voted for Obama.  Do we all remember High School?  Remember voting for class President?  It wasn’t about if the kid could really make substantial changes, it was about how cool he/she was.  I remember way back in the awesome 90’s when a girl wore Rayban sunglasses and acted really smooth when she ran for President.  Surprise, surprise, she won!  That may not be the best analogy; but on the other hand, maybe it’s the perfect one.  How easily swayed we can be by something pretty and shiny.

Let’s be thoughtful, friends. I understand that Rubio is mostly conservative; however, many seem to have forgotten when he’s strayed.  There is a reason that outsiders Cruz, Trump and Carson make up 50-60% of the vote. These supporters don’t want anyone who seems establishment or willing to go along to get along. The reason Rubio did so well in Iowa is because the establishment lane collapsed into his campaign. However, it still wasn’t enough to beat Cruz. And if Carson and Rand had dropped out, the difference would have been even larger.  I do not think that Rubio will be able to break the cartel or the establishment. I think we would get more moderate changes, but not a complete breakdown of the cronyism and rot that is Washington DC.  And isn’t that what we are fighting for?  Have we lost sight of that goal so quickly?  How many times has the establishment and media said “electability”?  And we fall right in line…  Only Rubio, Rubio, Rubio….

A few points to consider:

#1 Trump is popular for a reason. Yes, he’s a reality star, charismatic, exiting, etc.  However, many good and decent people like him above and beyond the star power.  Why?  Several of you good folks have said that immigration isn’t one of the top 3 concerns. I strongly disagree. Immigration is foreign policy/terrorism and is economic policy-and these are the top 2 concerns in America right now. Many of the people backing Trump would not vote for Rubio, period. Rubio ran on standing against amnesty, yet broke his word. Whether it was him being naive or not, he went for it. He not only dipped his toes in the water, but he dove in and fought alongside Schumer and his Gang against any amendment to the bill presented by the conservatives in the Senate who were fighting it tooth and nail.  There is a reason he’s running 3rd in Florida. I keep hearing Floridians say that they feel betrayed by him and will not support him. What differences with Clinton could he offer on that score? Not much, as he was willing to work with Dems on that issue, and apparently still supports amnesty per interviews a couple of weeks ago.  He has not learned his lesson there.  He continues to go against the wishes of the people he supports in this area.  If we nominate someone who backs amnesty, I fear we may lose.  We may not pick up those cross-over voters, expand the base, pick up those Reagan Democrats, blue-collar Democrats.
#2 Rubio has always been a politician. Has he done anything else? Who has he led? …. I’ve already said he’s a great speaker-the reason he became Speaker of the House in Florida.  He hasn’t proven that he is ready to lead, as many of his own constituents aren’t too happy with him.
#3 Rubio seems able to be swayed and played. He doesn’t appear to have as much strength to stand and fight like some of the others. Rubio likes to be liked. And we all like him. 🙂
#4 He seems like he’s 32, like a young whipper-snapper. Like someone that doesn’t have as much experience or expertise under his belt. (not yet that is)  When Cruz and Trump were fighting it out at the second to last debate, Rubio seemed like Junior trying to butt in.
#5 He appears to be heavily involved with Obama’s anti due-process bill about rape on college campuses. Please check it out. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/428910/campus-rape-courts-republicans-resisting
#6 He is for subsidies-corporate cronyism. We must look at his financial backers. His backers are heavy with the Chamber of Commerce, sugar subsidies-cronyism, i.e.. Microsoft, Paul Singer, Fanjul Brothers, etc.  These are people backing tons and tons of cheap labor.

I fear that with Rubio, we will be getting Bush-lite. Right now, we need more to turn this country around.

#7 He is for more nation building. His foreign policies line up with McCain and Graham-the establishment. He was for over-throwing Gadaffi and wants to overthrow Assad. Our foreign policy has created vacuums in countries that don’t want us there and are not friendly to us.
#8 He is for the full Patriot Act. I know there are many with different views on this one. It’s not my favorite stance, just more Big Brother looking over my shoulder.
#9 He’s had trouble with his finances. And yes, I think Hillary can make a big deal out of that. If you can’t handle your own, how will you handle the Country’s?
#10 Lastly, I don’t like how he or his campaign thinks being in front of a camera is more important than going out and meeting people during the campaign.

Please don’t vote for someone based on what a great speaker they are, or how charming they are-we’ve already done that. (Probably not you or I personally, but you get my point.)  Anyone can say anything.  I don’t think he’s ready yet. He hasn’t proven that he’s trustworthy on some conservative principles when push comes to shove. He’s far better than most, but he’s not the best.

I prefer Cruz-ta-da!  Were you afraid I would say Trump?  Cruz doesn’t care if people like him-that can be good….  He is the most consistent conservative. He will do what he says he will do. With Rubio, I’m not convinced (even though I like him).

Cruz has built the most brilliant-according to most-of all the campaigns in terms of organization, money raising, strategy, etc. That points to great leadership, forethought, expertise, and strength. The making of a great President.

I recommend people go to Youtube where you can watch and listen to some of Cruz’s speeches while in the senate. He is strong, steadfast, a leader, determined, and not easily threatened or moved. He’s willing to talk about the tough issues-from global warming or cooling-who knows, to immigration, to ETHANOL subsidies, and more. He’s conservative, believes in God-best of all, and is principled. He has taken the once obscure position of Solicitor General in Texas to prominence when he led the fight for religious liberties and won 5 out of 9 times in front of the Supreme Court.  That’s pretty much unheard of, by the way.  He memorized the Constitution in High School and went around reciting it and explaining it to Optimist Clubs and the like.  (And this is in High School, ya’ll).  It’s not surface level with him.  It’s deep, in his core.  He has built an impressive coalition of strong conservative activists from James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Troy Newman, etc.  He has a pathway to victory and the money and organization to do it.  Best of all, the establishment loathes and fears him-he has made the right enemies. The media hates him-CNN, MSNBC, even Republican Fox-Faux (The Rubio Bush Christi Show). And the democrats absolutely despise him.  Sounds like someone I could get behind.

If necessary, I will vote for Rubio. I personally think he would make a great VP with Cruz. He would learn under Cruz and have a chance to prove that he can be trusted. He could use his amiable personality to be the leader over Congress.

I pray that everyone uses wisdom when making such an important choice. This may be the last chance we have at turning our country around. Why go with someone who is 79% conservative, when you could go with someone who is 97%?  Cruz is electable and can win with Evangelicals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Trump fans, and Reagan Democrats.  Rubio can be brought in with him to win over the moderates and establishment types.  The party can increase its base and totally run over the Democrats in the upcoming election.

No anger here. Just wanted everyone to be thoughtful and in prayer.