Why I am thankful Barry is our first Marxist President.

As I watch Barry and his tools in Congress and the MSM manage to insult, belittle, patronize, and attack average ordinary mainstream America in their go-for-broke health care scam, I have to be thankful.  I am so thankful that we elected a Marxist who has so many abilities a successful politician needs, but lacks the ones necessary to connect with the average American.  Before you think I am crazy I must tell you I believe it was inevitable Barry, or someone with the same political beliefs would be elected within 30 years of the Clinton presidency.  Every 20 to 30 years America elects a socialist either of the overt or covert variety.  Starting with Woodrow Wilson we next elected Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and then Bill Clinton, it was time for us to again learn the lesson of the costs of a socialist administration.  Thankfully we have a flawed socialist as president this time.  Having never done anything that required more ability than speak with his soothing voice he is poorly prepared to connect with those he considers his inferiors.  Barry has a poor understanding of history, no experience running anything more complex than a committee of protesters, and lacks the foresight to see the logical conclusions that will be drawn from his comments.  Look at his siting of the competition of UPS and FedEx with the Post Office.  What conclusion did he think people with more than  a couple of neurons to rub together would draw from that?  Barry too often belittles professions he doesn’t have any personal experience with.  He accuses police officers performing their duty of stupidity, and doctors of being so venal they are looking to whack off body parts from their patients just to make a little more money.  Joe the Delaware gaff machine isn’t the only member of the administration with recent memories of what his toes taste like, Barry has gotten a good taste lately.  And whether the media draws attention to it or not a lot of Barry voters are beginning to realize they don’t really want someone who would allow Nancy Pelosi to craft their administration’s most important legislation deciding if said voters live or die.  The amount of money that has been pumped into the economy will begin to be felt soon.  As someone with first hand experience with an adjustable rate mortgage during the Carter administration I am sure millions will be learning the price an inflated money supply will bring.  Add in zero jobs growth and maybe America will remember how costly it is when one of these socialist aberrations gets elected.  While it is hard times when you go through them it seems to be necessary, Americans just can’t remember that if a candidate promises more benefits, more jobs, higher pay, world wide love and understanding, and peace through weakness it just ain’t going to happen.  So every 2 or 3 decades we end up electing a socialist of some stripe, Thank the Lord this one is so incompetent.