95% meaning free

I see by the article in WaPo on June 24th, Barry claims to be “95% cured of his tobacco addiction.”  As a former smoker who is now proudly tobacco free for 2 years and 59 days let me translate.  There are 1440 minutes in a day, if you only smoke 5% of those minutes you can smoke 72 minutes a day.  At the rate of 1 cigarette every 6 minutes, that is 12 per day.  Or as the American Lung Association would call it, a half pack aday smoker.  I like to help translate Barry’s statements where I have expertese, and as an ex-smoker who tried to get my wife to believe my protestations of good intentions being the same as results, I have expertese in this.  Hmmm…. I wonder if Barry would lie to us about his intentions being the same as real results.  After all if you will lie to your wife will you also lie to total strangers?  Given the fact that smoking is considered on a par with actual assault it is amazing the press doesn’t make more of an issue of it.