A Gathering of Democrats...

Welcome to the Democratic organization meeting for the 2016 election.

No, you can’t be in our group because you support traditional marriage.

Neither can you because you engage in a healthy scientific debate about evolution and it’s implications.

Don’t want you either because you don’t believe that abortion should be legal in all cases.

Not you either, you don’t tow the partisan line on an unsettled scientific debate in which opposition voices are silenced.

No need for you, you won’t agree that we should grant amnesty to all illegal aliens even though doing so will probably depress wages and cost Americans jobs.

And you don’t even think of trying to join because you don’t believe that all guns and power should be ceded to the federal government.

And forget about you, you actually think government should be limited to its constitutionally specified duties.

I wrote this diary in response to Tom Lesser’s “A Gathering of Republicans…” In his post, he described his idea that the GOP loses elections because it holds positions that exclude others. I hope this diary conveys the point that any principles a national party adopts are going to alienate some people.

Republicans and Democrats disagree on most, if not all, issues. The solution to the GOP’s recent electoral losses is not to give up all our positions in the name of inclusivity. If a party decides it is going to accept capitalists and socialists. Neither capitalists nor socialists will join the party because it doesn’t fully represent their ideas. The real solution would be to formulate detailed and coherent arguments to convince people to adopt our positions and principles.

A big tent means nothing if there is no one in it.