Can't We All Just Go John Galt?

All we do is talk about how sick we are of the government, of politicians, of Washington politics, etc. So why are we so wrapped up in it? They never have solutions that don’t involve what we are doing. We are the ones who produce the goods, grow the food, create the ideas, provide medical care—we move the country, not them.

They need us, for votes and for power. What do we need from them? Article 1, Section 8. Anything else costs more than it’s worth. The government cannot show you compassion, it can’t give you a job, teach you how to fish, teach you how to protect yourself, and it cannot put your life back together.

It is time to be independent. All our politicians know how to do is rile people up around a problem. So, go ahead, let them. Who fixes all their problems? We do. Once we pull ourselves out of their system and get organized, they have to come to us. They can lose their power as easily as we gave it to them. Who do you think is going to grow their corn if the economy crashes? Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? What if there is no corn? Do you think the federal government has food storage prepared for you? I hope you don’t.

They don’t own us. We do. Don’t be afraid to stand alone, there are thousands of others that are ready to stand with you who that feel the same way. We have to be the solution. There is no “bottom up, top down, inside out” solution that ever works like Van Jones would like it to.

The base is the strength of any system, and it’s where the leaders are in a strong system. When your top heavy, you tip over—just look at the size of our government and the state of our country—but when you have a strong base, nothing can knock you down. We have to stop acting like insecure girls in a bad relationship. No matter how much these politicians say they’ve changed, they haven’t. They’ll end up hurting us and holding us back from what we can achieve on our own every time.