Flip The Trend: Time For The Private Sector To Put Big Government Out Of Business

In my opinion, big government entitlements can be blamed on the failure of man in many circumstances.  As a nation, we have stopped turning to one another, and started looking to Uncle Sam when we need a hand.  Entitlement programs have made us assume it is no longer our responsibility to help our neighbors when disaster strikes.  I firmly believe that private charity has the ability to put the nanny-state out of business.  Whether though actions or donations, everyone has the capability to help those in need in some way, shape, or form. If we fail to be a charitable people, the growing size of government, through hand-outs and entitlement programs, will not only destroy the private sector, but it will lead to the constricting of our individual liberties.

Truth be told, it already has.  Look at the power the federal government obtained through the health care legislation. The government is now using that legislation to create more food regulations.  Public schools are even trying to ban students from being able to bring their lunch from home, and that’s just one example.

High taxes and regulations, placed on us by the government, limits the amount we can give to private charities to help those in need, as well as put some of our income aside to prepare for hard times we ourselves may face.  Private charity has the ability to evaluate at those in need as individuals, not as a collective, giving us the power to provide a hand-up, as opposed to a “one size fits all” government hand-out.

Historically, America has been, and still is, the most charitable nation on Earth. If you look at the statistics of countries and their contributions to private charities, there is a correlation between charitable giving and freedom, as well as charitable giving and faith.  The nations that view their government as “God” are reliant on the government to survive.  The nations that understand the purpose of government, look to God and one another to survive, not big government.

Helping those in need privately limits the government’s influence in our lives, as well as in the lives of those we are helping, allowing us to keep a firm grip on our freedom.  It is no mystery why countries around the world look to America when disaster strikes.  We have the freedom to do what we want with our money, and are known for our willingness to use that freedom for good.

…Funny how many of the nations seem to forget that when they aren’t in need.

Private charity is better able to assess the needs of each individual they are helping, which cuts out a lot of waste, and provides the help to get them in a scenario to improve their own circumstances.  If we don’t reverse the trend of growing entitlement programs, the ability of the less fortunate to better their situation with their own sweat and hard-work will disappear, and the national debt will destroy our economy. Government handouts do not help lead the less fortunate out of their poverty; they trap them it, by providing them what they need to be comfortable in poverty.

Government entitlements are paid for by the working men and women in the country through taxes and regulations, limiting the private sector’s ability to grow the economy.  These heavy tax burdens on job creators and producers limit their ability to hire, keeping the unemployed jobless, worsening our growing entitlement problem.  The only way to start reducing the number of people on the government dole is teaching them the skills they need to be self-sufficient. Taxing small businesses like crazy for each employee they hire does not create an environment of job creation that would pull people off the streets and into jobs. …This isn’t rocket science.

Obviously, there are those who can’t take care of themselves in real need of help. Wouldn’t these programs be much more beneficial to those individuals if we removed all the waste, and helped the majority of those in need ourselves?  Unemployment is an example of a program that started with good intentions, but was corrupted into a two year government hand-out.  Our country currently has a large number of unemployed Americans, and every time we increase the amount of time their unemployment benefits last, not only are we taking money out of the economy, limiting job creation, we are encouraging lethargy in our society and dependence on the government. Everyone with a job pays into unemployment insurance, and I have no problem with that, if it is what they chooseto do—a choice we currently do not get to make ourselves, but 99 weeks on the government dole is too long and defeats the purpose of the program.

Handouts have created the illusion that we are entitled to never feeling the pain associated with job loss or hard economic times, basically, that life is always going to be fair. News flash, life isn’t fair, it isn’t going to be, and never has been fair. Going through rough patches in life motivates us to succeed, push ourselves, and they make us stronger.  Life is a lot like exercise, the harder you workout, the more time you spend in the gym, and the better your diet is, the more results you will see. No pain, no gain.