Extreme Mosque Makeover! …Taxpayer Edition

In November, ABC affiliate, WSB-TV in Atlanta completed an investigation on the allocation of U.S. tax dollars, following the recent efforts to slash nearly $4 trillion dollars in government spending. These cuts, while necessary, are guaranteed to cause most Americans some financial pain. One example of these cuts being the elimination of interest deductions from home mortgages. During this investigation, investigators stumbled upon a few things the United States government is willing to invest our money in, and it isn’t tax breaks for hard working Americans.

Apparently, while public sector unions are protesting over having to contribute to about fifteen or twenty percent of their benefits—you’re paying the rest—the U.S. State Department has been spending hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to save and restore mosques and churches in the Middle East. When we are going through economic struggles of our own, and the majority of Americans are finding themselves having to cut back on their spending, you have to ask yourself, “Why are Egypt’s mosques more important to our government than the U.S. economy?” Or, a better question may be, “why haven’t you heard about this?”

Cairo, Egypt received $770 million for a program to rebuild their Sewer System. Included in the project was a 1300-year-old mosque, which was almost completely flooded by contaminated sewer water. This mosque was just one of many religious structures salvaged. The checks were all written and signed by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Aid Program.

Millions of more tax dollars were dispensed to rebuild mosques in Cypress. In Tajikistan and Mali our government is writing checks to imams for internet servicess, along with the computer equipment they need to operate it. For the past month, we have witnessed citizens of these countries riot in the streets and protest their oppressive governments, yet, somehow, less than six months ago our government thought providing internet access and computers was “aid?”

Radicalized Islam is running wild across the globe, and our government has decided to go to the hub to fund mosques, and provide them with mass communication devices. According to Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim from Egypt, interviewed by WSB-Atlanta, many of the mosques are run by radicals who teach and practice Sharia law. Some of these radicals have called for the death of former Muslims, like herself. Darwish says,

this program is building mosques to issue fatwas of death.

This video can be viewed here.

While we may or may not be monitoring what the computers and internet services our government bought these religious leaders are being used for, I can guarantee you that they’re laughing all the way to the bank. There is a growing number of Islamic leaders in the Middle East who hate America, and with the growing number of extremist websites, we are simply providing them an outlet to expand their network.

I probably need to point out that I am in no way, shape or form an “Islamaphobe,” and know the difference between radical Islam and fundamental Islam. I do, however, find it concerning that the administration currently occupying the White House will bend over backwards to fund religious temples and leaders in other countries, when our country bans crosses from Bethlehem souvenir shops, TV hosts feel the need to apologize for saying the world ‘Christmas,’ and the Feds force our banks to remove religious symbols from their walls.

Separation of church and state signifies the inability of the United States government to establish or promote a particular religion, like Middle Eastern countries do with Islam and Sharia Law. Our Constitution was not designed to keep American’s from having the freedom to openly practice their faith.