Selective Bargaining

Am I the only person concerned that grown men and women—some of which educate our children and run our country—do not seem to comprehend the difference between the public and private sector? Our public unions, who are apparently unsatisfied with the salary and benefits they are seizing from our paychecks, assume they are entitled to even more of our earnings. I thought it was the malicious, rich conservatives who incite class warfare? Instead, we have the top 1% of this country paying for the complaints of public sector unions, better known as, the base of the Democrat Party. I’m sorry, but when you spend hours on end protesting a billionaire, while another billionaire funds your entire movement, you lose all credibility.

It is highly conflicting for our political representatives to position themselves against us, the taxpayers—who have no voice at the bargaining table—to fight for collective bargaining for public unions. In other words union leaders sit down with politicians to bargain over how high the union donations will be to the democrats based about how fat their wallets get with every paycheck, benefit and pension written to the unions by the government. Proof positive of why union bosses are opposed to the concept of joining the unions being a choice. Do the words ‘fraud’ or ‘money laundering’ come to mind?

The left can bus in as many protesters as they want to that capital building, it is still not going to add up to the amount of people who voted Governor Scott Walker, or the many other new conservative leaders in office, to do the very thing they are up in arms over. The democrat representatives of Wisconsin, and now Indiana, refuse to recognize the insurmountable polling data that shows the majority of the people stand with the legislation being put forth by the republicans. The republicans ran with this agenda in toe. It is why they were elected.

This is by no means a “tea party moment” for the left, although various pundits claim it to be. The Tea Party protested against the very thing for which these unions and leftist organizations are protesting. They are not protesting for self-sufficiency. They are outside the capital protesting for the taxpayer to continue to fund something that was over promised without the taxpayers voice included in any negotiations. The Tea Party stood up to the public sector after being thwarted by the two-party system election after election. Under exactly what pretense is skipping work and dragging students to protests over cuts to public funding -not to mention obstructing legislative votes by fleeing to a neighboring state like a cowering sore loser- is analogous to the Tea Party?

The republicans were at least smart enough to be in attendance for the Obamacare vote. They knew they were in the minority, but stood with dignity, and banded together to make a statement in opposition to that unconstitutional legislation the democrats slapped across the face of the American taxpayer. The Tea Party arrived at the United State Capital to make their voice heard, and the republicans did not try to obstruct the system by avoiding their responsibilities like a bunch of gutless bullies. They voted. They did their job. …And proceeded to clean house in November.

The taxpayers should not expect the cut and run democrats to honor our procedures of our republic. Not when they have the DNC, Organizing for America, billionaire George Soros and many other organizations at the disposal to print matching t-shirts and distribute professionally printed signs to their minions. They will continue their act of busing in their union soldiers, paid for by a political party and special interests to protest those who pay their own way. Even FDR, the king of progressive programs like social security, knew that unionized public employees would be a catastrophic opportunity for corruption. Public sector employees have a special relationship and special obligations to the government and rest of the public community that causes a conflict of interest when unionize.

Clearly FDR had no idea what he was talking about. The public sector has shown an startling talent in “controlling” their spending of our money.