America's Youth & The American Dream

As a member of the generation that put Obama in office, I am a rarity among my age bracket.

I am a conservative.

I was often baffled by the responses to “why should I vote for Obama?“ The prevalent response was “because he’s not George Bush. “That’s true, but what did it have to do with our current candidates? “Because he is not George Bush” and a few talking points from all-knowing P. Diddy is normally as deep as the debate could go before I was called a name and my viewpoint disregarded.

How do you wake up young adults and teens to the lies and spin they are being fed by the mainstream media? Most of my peers live by the “I’ll do what I want when I want” idea, which sounds like a libertarian stance. If only they knew what a libertarian was. It shocks me that the majority of young adults and teenagers get their news from sources such as the always unbiased Sway Callaway of MTV, and will take anything that comes out of the mouth of a celebrity as a fact.

This was confirmed when President Obama held a forum on MTV (Callaway was one of the hosts). While many pundits on the right praised some of the tough questions the young men and women asked the president, I was wondering why MTV couldn’t corroborate with a news channel to promote this forum. God forbid they have to turn the channel from MTV for five minutes to explore the real world.

The creativity, free thought and innovation are fading away from the minds of young adults. Having been raised on the idea that there are no losers and everyone gets a trophy for participation; this generation has morphed into one of pure apathy. The “if it’s not fun, why do it?” attitude has made what’s happening in politics as important as next week’s weather forecast to generation Y. Far too many people my age not only don’t get it, but are completely clueless to the extent of the problem. Those who comprise the future of this country do not seem to care about the present state of the country.

This generation is embracing the things the previous generation before ours let slide: Godlessness in society, socialist-like government programs, lack of self-accountability, removing the Constitution from policies when it is inconvenient, and other things that contradict the principles on which this country was founded. I fear that when, as a country, we finally have to pay our debt and true economic disaster arrive, my peers will not know what’s happening, but more importantly why it’s happening, or how to survive it. They will run to the polls to vote for big government to help just like the have been indoctrinated to do. That’s what they’ve been taught I fear I am part of a lost generation, or the generation who will end the America we know today. The “American Dream” fades further and further away from their reach, and they don’t even realize it.

America’s youth are being shown by this administration (and many before it) that the government will hold your hand through life. We are becoming handicapped by this participation trophy, and a “too big to fail” mindset. No one is too big to fail in America. When a company fails, they can start over and work their way back up to the top. Faith, hard work, and determination are the qualities that have helped our nation to become the strongest free nation in history. Life isn’t fair; it’s important we learn that and teach it to the children who will one day be leaders in our country. Keeping score and having winners and losers is important in teaching us how to work past defeat, keep a positive attitude, and more importantly, how to give back when we do win. It teaches us how to learn from our mistakes, and gives us a history of what did and did not lead us to success.

The mentality that welfare, 99+ weeks of unemployment benefits, and living in your parents basement complaining about how “there are no jobs is destroying our future. As Thomas Edison said, “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” The left goes after the young, because for the most part, they aren’t watching their money, rights, and freedom slip away like older Americans are. They are reaching out to a group that is starting with nothing, and offering them the lie of an easy trip to the top. In reality, they are just lowering the ceiling of what the top is by bring everyone at the top down. My generation is the “easy way out” generation. They want the quickest, easiest solution to the problem. They believe in quantity over quality when it should be QUALITY over quantity.

This country used to be a place where when there were just “no jobs out there,” the free market and innovation allowed you to create a job for yourself. Individuals with nothing more than a high school education and an idea could turn that idea into a product, start a business, and have a shot at success. Key words are “shot at success” NOT “guaranteed success.” That is the America I want for my generation. I want the America where we have the opportunity to be everything we can make of ourselves as individuals.