A "Fleeting" Trend

Earlier this week, I receive this message from a friend of mine:

“Hey do you have any good articles/commentaries on the current situation in WI, and IN with the teacher’s unions? I’m so frustrated that these democratic politicians are leaving their post to flee to a neighboring state so they don’t have to take part in a vote that they may lose. The only thing I can compare it to is a little kid losing in a game of basketball and deciding to take his ball and go home… I mean what would people do if an SEC football team was losing by 3 TDs at half time and just decided not to play the second half? The media would go crazy!

But here we have elected officials who have fled from their elected position with their head between their legs to skip out on a vote!

So many Americans have died since the birth of our nation to protect and defend our constitution, and as a someone who’s deployed on two fronts to AF and IZ, it just makes me sick to see these “men” leave their positions. Bottom line, it’s a democratic process, and if the people of a state have voted in a Republican majority then that’s just the way it is. It is extremely disrespectful and disgraceful of these elected officials to flee from their office in fear of losing a vote.”

As noted in the message, this friend has been deployed not once, but twice to serve and protect our country overseas. The men and women of the United States Military do not run from a fight, much less a hard decision. They run towards the enemies of our nation, so that they do not bring the fight to our shores. It does not take a genius to see why my friend is frustrated by the actions of the Wisconsin Democrat representatives.

When our armed forces are deployed for war, there is no running to another state for a comfortable stay at a resort hotel. But, that is exactly what these pathetic, self-centered representatives did! These democrats “serving” the state of Wisconsin forgot the tag line of the commander and chief “Elections have consequences.” This is a shinning example of what the public does not understand about the real “working-class.” In the private sector, if you don’t show up for work—whether it is due to a Illinois vacation or a protest at the capital – there are consequences.

Tea Party finds Flee Party

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Sen. Jon Erpenback, a member of the “Flee Party,” claims he and the cowering Wisconsin representatives are “by all means doing their job.” He asserts they wanted to give everyone time to know what was in the bill, time to modify the bill before they vote, etc. My personal opinion is that these democrats fled to provide time for the unions to build power, protest, and to keep their hands clean of any backfire from the protests. They are building power to try and block Wisconsin from passing legislation that will save union jobs, at the price of contributing to their health-care… which WE pay for, and secure their collective bargaining ‘rights’, a topic the public sector fails to comprehend. The taxpayer pays for public sector jobs, so collective bargaining for public workers would provide the taxpayer a seat at the bargaining payer. I don’t see that happening in the future if the left gets their way. This interview can be viewed here

Teachers, representatives, and our armed forces all serve this nation in an effort to make us smarter, safer, and stronger, but only one of these three acts with the honor and class I would want to influence my children. Only our military seems to be sacrificing and fighting for the future of our nation. They are the only group serving this nation that isn’t complaining or running from their responsibilities. Our military faces more daunting and intense situations than most Americans will ever have to, because of their sacrifice. What would the world look like if the United States Armed Forces ran away from what appears to be a losing battle? The founders of our nation put their lives on the line by signing their name on the Declaration of Independence. Today we have representatives who run away when things are not going their way. What a joke these Wisconsin democrats are! Grow a spine or hand your office responsibilities to someone with one.