An Affair With Uncle Sam: The Feminist’s Scandal on American Women

Type, “What is a feminist” in your search engine. You will receive close to four million results and countless definitions. After reading many of them, the general conclusion is that a feminist supposedly believes in defending or campaigning for equal political, economic, and social rights, equal opportunities for women, and the empowerment of women. Sounds good, right? Based off of that definition I have found it difficult to wrap my head around what “feminists” in today’s America are stomping their Birkenstocks over.

The only groups currently fighting to take away equal political, economy, and social rights from women are liberal men and liberal women. How many personal attacks have Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann had to put up with over the past twelve months? The left wing media went so far as to call Sarah Palin a murderer when a disturbed man opened fire on an innocent crowd. The MSM placed her vitriolic “rhetoric” at the center of the blame game in less than twelve hours. Michelle Bachman has been bullied by the left for simply having a different opinion than folks like Chris Matthews, who even called her a “balloon head” for no reason other than he must know she is a strong force on the right. Throughout these personal attacks, groups advocating for women’s rights, such as NOW, have been nowhere to be found. These groups are all about promoting ‘female empowerment,’ unless it involves ‘conservative female empowerment.’

These “tolerant” liberals cast judgment over conservative political rhetoric, which camera Michelle Bachmann is facing when addressing the public, Bristol Palin kicking butt staring in a reality TV show or giving a speech on abstinence at a university, etc, instead of their political policy. We have elected a president who has openly admitted his desire to “spread the wealth around,” believes the cost of your energy should “necessarily skyrocket,” has taken stands in opposition to some of our strongest allies, endorses unions protesting over your hard earned money, created a budget that leaves out the enormous cost of our interest, merely because he thinks he can, among many, many other egregious actions; and all Larry O’Donnell can focus on is how two cartoonist created a (rather funny) parody cartoon poking fun at the hypocrisy of Mrs. Obama’s healthy food campaign. Along with his claim that the cartoon is an attack on a female “just because she is powerful,” this parody of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign was ironically also thrown into the racist category. Try and rationalize how any intelligent person can come to the conclusion that “pass the bacon” is racists. …Take your time.

As the left increases the intensity of their smear campaigns on conservative female voices in an attempt to stifle them, organizations like NOW and AWID reveal their true colors through their silence. The last couple of weeks senior-fellows at Media Matters sat in their mother’s basements, throwing all of their efforts into intimidating CNN to remove Dana Loesch from their political panel, for no reason other than she is a strong, conservative voice for the right. Instead of coming out in her defense, “women’s rights” groups across the country were breaking into a premenstrual meltdown, because the House held a vote to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization funding the sex trafficking and abortions of young girls.

When Lila Rose exposed Planned Parenthood, most would assume the shutdown of a government-funded entity handing out aid to pimps who enslave young girls would be something the left and the right could unite on. Unfortunately, these far left liberal women fail to actually support worthy causes that will help improve the lifestyle of oppressed women in our country. Even if you’re capable of looking beyond the fact that abortion is the genocide of children in our country–Planned Parenthood provided well over 200,000 abortions last year— shouldn’t these feminists put concern for these young women, who are oppressed through sex trafficking with the help of middle aged women working at Planned Parenthood, ahead of their free abortion clinic? If you’re not void of human emotion, the answer to the question is an obvious “yes.”

A group that actually supports the empowerment of women would commend Lila Rose for being brave enough to expose a strong, government-funded entity like Planned Parenthood. They would hold up her efforts and defend her from the vicious attacks being shot at her. This is not the case of one crooked Planned Parenthood clinic. There were multiple tapes, from multiple clinics across the country more than willing to offer abortions to pre-teens, make a safe place available for pimps take these underage girls for “health care,” and turn a blind eye to relationships between thirteen year old girls and thirty-one year old men. Disgusted yet? Where was NOW after this information was released to the public? Protecting women’s rights is why these types of organizations exist, or so we thought.

Planned Parenthood makes millions and millions of dollars off of these girls. They’ve turned abortion into a commodity, a taxpayer funded commodity. They provide over 250,000 abortions a year, and receive $300,000 in taxpayer funds. Imagine if one of these girls was your thirteen-year-old daughter or sister, and was being used like this. She goes to a clinic where she is put in a room with a middle-aged woman to talk to because she is in a bad situation, but instead of trying to find help for the child, the woman tells the thirty-one year old man, who is “dating” her, where she could get an abortion, and what to say to stay out of trouble, so they could go on about their business. If that’s not the oppression of women, I don’t know what is.

What could possibly be more hypocritical than these so-called “independent, empowered feminists” who claim to fight for equality between genders and a woman’s control over her body, than giving money and assistance to men who enslave young women for sex, and having the taxpayers foot the bill? According to government statistics, the large majority of abortions are used as a form of birth control, not for pregnancies that are the product or rape or incest. “Uncle Sam’s mistress,” which is exactly what these women are, is the last thing I think of when the words “independent woman” enter my mind. The control over their body came before they made the decision that got them pregnant. That control does not extend to the taxpayers wallet to pay for them to murder the product of that decision, and should not extend over the decision of whether that baby gets to live.

What is so empowering about a woman who feels the need to “please” a man, because society claims that’s what “sexy” is, or that only religious zealots have physical boundaries. In fact, it is the opposite of being an empowered, strong female. It’s being a skank, who isn’t strong enough to respect themselves or their body. These “feminists,” many of whom spent six-figures studying Women’s Rights at an Ivy League graduate school, now defend Planned Parenthood for the free birth control it provides to those in “need,” but do not care one dime about the women coming in these clinics being tossed right back into oppression and abuse. How is defending a clinic keeping your young, impressionable sisters under the thumb of disgusting men standing up for women or women’s rights? Lila Rose, exposing these clinics, and putting her self in front of the firing-squad that is the left-wing media, in efforts to stop child sex-trafficking and the murder of unborn children, is empowerment. That is an example of a strong woman fighting to protect women’s rights.

The joke is on the feminists though. These progressive women run with a crowd of men who use them like pawns in a chess game – strategizing on what to get them angry at next for their vote, and always making them out to be a victim when it is convenient for their cause. But, when using women’s rights is not in the best interest of the DNC, these feminist sheep will turn on each other at the snap of a finger. Where was the media and NOW when Hillary was being demonized in the 2008 primaries? During her husband’s presidency, where was the left on defending Hillary while he was lying to her and the American people, while taking advantage of an impressionable 22-year-old intern? They were defending their golden-boy of course. Hillary immediately became a hag, and Monica Lewinsky a whore, in the eyes of the left. One thing is consistent with progressives, politics over principles. There may not be a worse example than the one these “empowered women” and the MSM set for young Chelsea as she grew up and became a strong, independent woman. Yet, she still bought right into it.

All women of America should realize, to progressives, empowered women promote the destruction of the family, shouldn’t have to have reproductive responsibility, will turn on each other for special interests, and most importantly always give it up for their “sugar-daddy” – Uncle Sam.

Febraury 23, 2011, in Washington D.C., Freedom Works employee and Tea Party activist Tabitha Hale stepped outside her office to get some footage of the CWA workers protesting outside. While filming a heated debate between one protestor and her colleague, Tabitha had a ‘head on’ collision with the “new tone” of the left.

Ironically, in an effort to support woman in and around the union protests taking place across the country, N.O.W. and several other well-known women’s rights organizations have come out in Tabitha’s defense. …PSYCH! That would only happen if they legitamately cared about protecting women’s rights. Their deafening silence provides more proof that their only intention is to promote the left’s agenda.