The Road to Tyranny

Benjamin Franklin said “They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. I have heard so many people say that this “Health Care Reform Bill” is a great thing. What they have not stopped to consider is the essential liberties that are being stripped from them via this monstorous piece of legislation. Here are just a few examples that have been pointed out.

Section 1501 says that no matter what, you are going to buy health insurance. If you are as healthy as a horse, have a regular check up every year, eat right, don’t drink and don’t smoke, oh well. You WILL buy the health insurance that Obama, Pelosi and Reid tell you that you will buy. If not, you will pay a fine. Not only will you pay a fine but you will pay it to the IRS. Freedom lost? I would say a resounding “YES”.

Do you want to buy a policy that rewards you for eating right and exercising, not smoking, not drinking and not taking unecessary risks? Tough cookies! Section 2701 of the bill says that you WILL pay the same amount for a policy as the guys who eats fried chicken, and Double Whoppers with cheese, smokes a pack a day and drinks a 12 pack of Bud everyday. No matter that you are a lower risk than that guy. You still pay the same! Freedom lost? I would say a resounding “YES”.

Did you find a health care plan that offers lower premiums with limits on coverage? You can’t buy it!!! Section 2711 of the bill says that insurance companies can not offer plans like this anymore. They can no longer limit the amount of coverage per year or per lifetime. Freedom lost? I think that would also be a yes.

You can’t even buy a policy that does not include maternity or pediatric care if you are a single man or woman with no kids. Hell, if you can’t have kids, that doesn’t matter either. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have said that you have to have that coverage so guess what. You will have it and you will PAY for it (Section 1302) or you will get fined. Freedom lost? I would say that this one is a yes too!

I hope that the people in our country will open their eyes and see what is going on in Washington before it is too late. Our Founding Fathers left England to escape the tyranny of a king. I fear that we are now starting to see that tyranny come full circle. Our freedoms are gradually being taken away by the very people that we elect to serve us. The will of the people no longer seems to matter to the politicians that we have in Washington. The foundation of this country is gradually being eroded and it seems that the citizenry is standing by and letting it happen.

I want to close by quoting one of the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves”. Our country is losing that discipline. I hope that we can get it back before it is too late!

God Bless America!