From the Shining City on the Hill to the Arm Pit of the World

I have been witness to 2 embarrassing events this week. These 2 events are not just embarrassing for their content, they are embarrassing because the people who have been a part of them are supposed to be the “best and brightest” and patriotic Americans. These 2 events shed a lot of light on the appeasement attitudes that are present in our country!  They also shed light on the hatred that some people seem to have for America both at home and abroad.

The first event that I was a witness to was the “War on Drugs Conference” that was held this week in El Paso. As a resident of El Paso, I am very familiar with the drug violence that is going on just across the border in Juarez, Mexico. There have been over 1800 cartel related murders in Juarez this year alone. The Mexican military has been in Juarez for months now and it has not gotten any better and the worst part is that according to this conference it is all our fault.

As you can imagine, most of the people who attended this conference are old hippies from the 60’s who now put on tweed jackets and claim to be college professors. They hate America and love their herb. One of them is a professor of Sociology (what are the chances) from Rice by the name of William Martin. According to Professor Martin, all that we have to do to stop the drug war and hurt the cartels is to legalize Pot in America. The reason is that America’s thirst for drugs is what is driving the cartel war. There are no other countries that use drugs. Just America. Only the USA. No other countries use drugs, sell drugs or manufacture drugs. If we just legalize pot in America, all of the problems will go away. 

A position like this simply blows me away. Why does it always seem that it is the fault of Americans that other people in other countries break the law? Cartels are killing each other for territory in Mexico and it is our fault. The Mexican government is corrupt and in bed with the cartels and it is our fault. Half of the Juarez police force was replaced because of the fact that they were working for the cartel and it is our fault. When are these people going to start taking responsibility for their own problems. I live in El Paso which is one of the safest cities in America. We have had 13 murders to date in a city of over 750,000 people of which only a few were cartel related. If this drug war was our fault, then it would seem to me that El Paso would be as deep into this situation as Juarez is.

Now the second disgusting display that I saw this week was the blame America tour that our President was conducting at the United Nations. Once again, he has a habit of getting in front of world leaders and rogue dictators and spewing his trash about how bad America is and how he is going to fundamentally change our country. This time he not only bashed the US but he ran the country of Israel down into the ground calling their new settlements unacceptable and basically reaffirming his earlier statements from his whirlwind tour of the Islamic countires of the Middle East.

Exactly when did it become chic for the leader of the free world to bash his own country? When did it become acceptable for him to turn his back on our closest allies and put them down to the world while reaching his hand out to thugs and dictators the likes of Ahmadinejhad and Kim Jong Il? What is happening to my country? What is happening to our country? What is happening to the Shining City on the Hill that everyone admired??? The only conclusion that I can come to is that Barack Obama is remaking America from the aforementioned image of the Shining City to the Arm Pit of the World. That is the way that I feel that he views our country and now he is trying to make sure the rest of the world views our great country that way!