The Same Old Race Card

I am 39 years old and got into politics at a fairly young age. I was tremendously inspired by President Ronald Reagan as an 11 year old that watched his inauguration. I am a conservative and have been for all of my life. That is how I was raised and that is how I view the world now; as a conservative.

I was also raised to respect people for who they are. I was raised to look beyond race and get to the “content of their character” as Dr. King said. That brings me to my point and a point shared by many conservatives and that is that it was inevitable that the race card would be played by the liberals that control Washington. The reason; they are losing the debate.

For example, the “Stimulus Package” that they so hastily passed has been a failure. Unemployment is at 9.7% which is a gross understatement of actual numbers, no roads or bridges are being built, consumer confidence is still at an all time low and some economists are predicting a double dip recession that will cripple our country. They have not learned anything from Japan’s lost decade of stimulus upon stimulus with no result. Polls show that American taxpayers want the stimulus money to be returned to the people instead of being spent.

Another example is the cap and trade bill that barely passed the House. This bill is the largest tax increase in US history and quite possibly in the history of the world. The American people started looking at this and took action. They lit up switch boards at the capital, flooded e-mails and took down phonelines. The bill still passed but many on Capital Hill took notice. The bill has been postponed in the Senate and hopefully will die in committee.

Finally there is health care “reform” and I use that term loosely. Nancy Pelosi and here ilk tried to push a biil through at the direction of President Obama. People started reading the bill. They found out about the details and they started to speak out. They spoke out in town hall meetings, letters to the editor, calls to Congress, e-mails to their Congressmen. They marched in protest. They had “tea parties”. They marched on Washington on 9/12. For all of that they were called some pretty ridiculous things but not racist.

After all of this, the Democrats realized that they were losing the debate and the American people. They pulled out the big gun and he went on the offensive. This was in preparation for their next assault. That assault was the race card that is now being played. If you disagree with your congressman then you are a “right wing extremeist” or “unAmerican” but if you disagree with the president you are a racist. Why are any of us Conservatives surprised by this, really??? They have done it so many times before.

There are examples of this from Mike Dukakis and the Willie Horton scandal that they tried to make a racist issue to last year’s presidential campaign where the media said that racism was the only reason that Obama would not win the election. We should be accustomed to the race card being played aginst us when they are losing the debate. That is what the left does. They are obsessed with race and this goes a long way to prove that fact.