Eyes wide shut.

Many Americans seem to be willing to vote for Obama, in spite of the mysteries surrounding him and his campaign. Obama is sending his voters out to vote early. What is Obama afraid of? What is he hiding and why?

There are three questions that Obama could clear up right now. First, he could release his original birth certificate and that would end all of the speculation. There are law suits filed trying to get the birth certificate released and the Obama campaign is stone walling. Why?

Second, Obama could ask the L.A. Times to release the video of the party that he attended where William Ayers and other America haters were in attendance. If there is no there, there, then clear it up right now!

Third, who is donating the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions on prepaid credit cards, online? Are foreigners, who are not allowed to contribute to campaigns in the U. S. pouring money into the Obama campaign and canceling out my vote? McCain has made all of his contributions public, online. Obama could do the same, but he hasn’t.

Sooner or later the truth will come out, or does Obama think that once he is elected, he will have the power to dictate to the media what can and cannot be said, released, etc.?

Open your eyes, America! Pelosi, Reid and Obama accuse the Bush Administration of being the most secretive in history.

The Obama campaign is the most secretive in history and the Democrats and the Media don’t object to this. The media has vetted Joe the Plumber, who simply asked a question, yet has not vetted the man who is applying for the most powerful job in the world.

Something is very wrong here and Americans seem to not want to open their eyes!

Sandra Lea Wise