Democrat running for NY-26 special thinks high speed rail will double the size of Buffalo

All liberal ideas seem to create a massive amount of jobs for Americans. Obama claimed his stimulus would create 4 million jobs. Sounds like a fish story considering the over 9% unemployment rate. I suppose that would explain why 6% believe him.

Like Obama, Kathy Hochul is all about jobs, jobs, jobs. And like Obama and his favorite spending boondoggles, Kathy Hochul is no stranger to exaggerating the number of jobs her favorite policies will create.

After a meeting on NY’s high speed rail project, Kathy Hochul tweeted:

Just left a meeting in Niagara Falls about the high speed rail project: exciting opportunity to create a potential 247,000 jobs for WNY.

That’s quite a figure Hochul has deduced given the fact that the train’s most avid supporter, Louise Slaughter, estimates 21,000 jobs for all of Upstate, NY.

Hochul’s slogan ought to be “The secret to doubling the size of Buffalo is choo-choos”