Nearly half of HHS Obamacare waivers have been granted to union employees

By Sam Foster

As of January, 733 organizations have been granted an Obamacare waiver from HHS secretary Kathleen Sebilius. The purpose of the waiver is to withhold a portion of the law that would ban certain health care plans. HHS has recently created a webpage to detail those organizations and the number of employees exempted. The webpage can be viewed here.

In total, nearly 2.5 million people on various plans banned by Obamacare have been granted a waiver from the law. However, a look into the waivers granted and it becomes apparent that the main concentration of these waivers is being granted to unions.

No surprise that the administration that gave two American car companies and diverted large portions of stimulus funding to unions, might also exempt these organizations from the draconian law passed last year.

According to the information released out of the total waivers granted unions were granted 153 waivers or roughly 21% of all waivers. They also made up the largest body of employees exempted or a total of 852,740. It works out to roughly 40% of all employees exempted by the law. Many of the waivers were granted to some of the largest unions in the nation including the UFCW, SEIU, and Teamsters. RWN reports 28 UFCW locations were waived.

A large body of state and local government agencies has also been granted waivers. A total of 76 agencies have been granted exemption and close to a third of those are school districts, mostly from NY.

These waivers represent supposedly “temporary stays” on the Health Care law, but once again points to the growing devastation that the law creates. Today, there are 2.5 million people waived from a law that will one day end their health care plans. According to the WSJ, without these exemptions, employees would not be able to afford health insurance.

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