First ad of the 2012 Presidential Campaign to air during Pro Bowl (Video)

By Sam Foster

David Axelrod might be waiting until March or April before gearing up Obama’s reelection campaign, but the Students for Daniels PAC are vying to get their choice candidate coverage during this week’s Pro Bowl.

According to the group the ad below is the first one of the 2012 presidential election season and is scheduled to air on KDSM-FOX 17 in Des Moines during the Pro Bowl. They’ve also purchased air time in New Hampshire, and Indiana.

2010 was a noteable year for campaign ads and this first ad does not disappoint.

Mitch Daniels has yet to announce his bid for a presidential run, but he is considered among many pundits, a likely contender. Recent polling has him trailing a pack of contenders, but his numbers have risen as he gets more exposure.

The ad is part of a concerted effort by the group Student Initiative to Draft Daniels.

Below is a portion of the groups press release:

In the State of the Union President Obama made clear that his solution to our nation’s unprecedented deficit spending is to rename it “investment.” Our generation is going to be burdened with the debt that he has created, and smooth talk is little consolation. Like the beautiful blonde in this ad, we’re over him.

It’s time for a no-nonsense man who has the guts to say what the problem is and the will to solve it. It’s time to Draft Daniels.

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