(Photo) Court Docs find abortion Doc/Baby killer Kermit Gosnell had an anesthesia pricing scheme for forced abortions

By Sam Foster

A conservative blogger has poured through the court documents containing evidence against Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor who killed 8 new born babies with a pair of scissors. His review has turned up a document used by the abortion clinic to price out anesthesia for patients being forced to have an abortion.

An “Anesthesia for Surgery” form [Appendix B] presented to patients for their signature – and payment – did not identify or describe the drugs to be administered.

However, it suggested:

It will probably be best to pay the extra money and be more comfortable if some of the following conditions are true for you.

1. The decision to have the procedure is a difficult decision.
2. Medication is usually necessary for your menstrual cramps.
3. Your decision has been forced by your parents or partner.4. Your family members or friends “don’t like pain.”

The document, which is available through Philadelphia’s court records, can be found below:

Kermit Gosnell's Forced Abortion Pricing

The investigation into Dr. Snippy exposed untold horrors at the abortion clinic that would have made Dr. Frankenstein blush including unsanitary facilities coverage in animal excrement and a menagerie of broken bottles with fetuses floating in them.

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