2010 The warmest year on record and climatologists can’t keep their story straight

By Sam Foster

You don’t need to debate global warming alarmists to point out that the “science” of man-made climate change is questionable. 2010 has become the year where media went from “no single weather even can be attributed to climate change” to “all single weather events are the fault of climate change.” Still, all one needs to do is juxtapose the labyrinth of conflicting “scientific theory” behind this draught, that flood, or some snow storm.

Today’s example of blatant climate propaganda comes to us from Reuters, where the head of WMO is trumpeting 2010 as the warmest year on record:

Jarraud said the latest data should convince doubters about the growing evidence for man-made climate change. “If they look at it in an unbiased way, it should convince them, or hopefully a few of them, that the skeptical position is untenable.”

2010 was also marked by further melting of Arctic ice — in December its extent was at its lowest on record, the WMO said — and by extreme weather, including Russia’s heatwave and devastating floods in Pakistan.

Rising temperatures, already about 0.8 degree Celsius above pre-industrial times, mean the world will struggle to limit warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, a target agreed by almost 200 nations at U.N. talks last month in Mexico.

Many experts see 2C as a threshold for dangerous climate change, like more heatwaves, droughts, floods and rising seas.

Yet the head of WMO and other “experts” failed to point out that 2010 had a very strong El Nino/La Nina effect; a detail that at least did not go unnoted at NOAA’s recent state of the climate report for 2010. But, when we look over the NOAA report, low and behold we find that El Nino was the driving force behind 2010’s heat wave. So much so that early year temps (when El Nino was at its peak) topped out as the highest on record, tying 1998.

The year began in a moderate-to-stong warm (El Niño) phase. The globally averaged January ocean surface temperature was the second warmest on record, behind 1998—a year that also began with a strong El Niño.

And what about the unusual 2010 weather? Newsweek, which could never be confused as a “skeptical” publication, reported that the supposed man-made weather events of 2010 such as heatwaves and droughts can be attributed to the El Nino and La Nina anomalies. CBS made a very similar report last week.

Every day, the politics behind global warming are becoming more evident and it’s not debate or even counter-argument that is winning the day. It is the proponents who day in and day out, overreach in their modus operandi of fear and expose their sundries of hyperbole.

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