Interview: 2006 Republican candidate for NYS Governor John Faso on Ann Marie Buerkle's run for NY's 25th Congressional District

By Sam Foster

Riding on Obama’s coattails, Democrat Dan Maffei took 55% of the vote in NY’s 25th congressional district. Cook’s Political report show’s NY-25 has a PVI of D+3. However, wagging his finger at voters seems to have take it’s toll as a new NRO poll show’s Buerkle nipping at Maffei’s heals.

I had the opportunity to ask NY’s 2006 Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Faso his thoughts on Ann Marie Buerkle’s run for NY’s 25th congressional district in the interview below.

Sam Foster: What’s Dan Maffei’s biggest weakness going into November?

John Faso: Voters have turned strongly against the spending agenda of Obama and the Democrats; they are very worried as to the future direction of the nation and wonder whether their children will ever be able to climb out from under the mountain of debt the Democrats have enacted. Rep. Maffei, as a 100% supporter of this agenda is in trouble because of this.

Sam Foster: Ann Marie Buerkle has struggled in fund raising so far, is the trend likely to continue? Is money the largest factor in the race?

John Faso: Money is a big factor; but Buerkle won’t need to match Maffei dollar for dollar; he will surely outspend her by a substantial margin; the question is whether she can raise enough to elevate her profile in the Fall.

Sam Foster: Ann Marie Buerkle released a poll showing incumbent Dan Maffei under 50% approval (at 49%); Is Dan Maffei in trouble? Why or why not?

John Faso: Maffei is definitely in trouble. His “hard re-elect” number was only in the mid-20’s. Despite having much higher name ID, Maffei was only ahead by 9 points. Just today (Aug 16) National Review on-line released polls in a number of districts across the nation and they have Maffei up by only 4 points. This race is going to get closer and will be very competitive come October.

Sam Foster: Sarah Palin has issued an endorsement for Ann Marie Buerkle; in what ways will/could this help Ann Marie? What are the potential disadvantages?

John Faso: Palin is a polarizing figure; she will help with some folks; hurt with others. Key for Ann Marie is to get her agenda for the district out; the upstate economy is in real trouble and has been for years; we need major changes in tax code to spur investment by business which will create jobs. The notion that the Congress can print more “stimulus” money and have that successfully reinvigorate the economy is fatuous. The Congress is happy to create more public sector jobs for their union allies; trouble is, public sector jobs – valuable they may be within reason – don’t create economic wealth. Private capital is sitting on the sidelines because business and investors are petrified as to tax and budget policies from Washington.

Sam Foster: What’s one thing that the voters in NY-25 should know about Ann Marie Buerkle?

John Faso: She shares their values: as a mother, nurse and attorney – working in the state AG’s office – she understands the real world and will bring common-sense, conservative values from CNY to Washington, DC.

Sam Foster: Earlier this summer, you held a fundraiser for Ann Marie and others. Did you get a sense of what impression Ann Marie had on prospective donor’s?

John Faso: Great question: I can tell you that we had 6 candidates from NYS. All spoke well but Ann Marie was the person who impressed the most people with her message. If the people of CNY get to hear her, they will vote for her.

Please see check out Ann Marie Buerkle’s thoughts on local issues, her pledge site Compact 25, and if possible, make a donation.

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