Romney's conservative core; a stark contrast.

First, my thanks to the Mitt-haters on this site.  Bouncing up against your stonewall of circular arguments helped me find and define Romney’s conservative core in a way that showed me how he is a stark contrast with Obama and with Newt and Rick.

With Obama, Newt and Rick, government is at the center of their worldview.  It fills their lives and their thoughts .  They have vastly different views on the role of government, but government is still what their thoughts turn to first.  Their view of the private sector, the real America, is colored by the lens of Washington.  In the perfrmance of their jobs they answer to their collegues, the press and through the press to their constituents.

When they attack Mitt about being a ‘vulture capitalist’ at the core of their attack is the accusation that Mitt never set out to create jobs.  He wasn’t concerned with making life better for others.  Mitt only wanted to make money.  He only answered to the stockholders.

To which I say, amen.

Real jobs are created by capitalists who want to make money.  Newt and Rick believe this on some level, but they have never lived it.  It is a foreign world to them.  You might as well ask them what it is like to fly like a bird or swim like a fish.  Their world is Washington.  Capitalism is Mitt’s world.  He understands that do gooders that set out to create good paying jobs either go bankrupt, or become politicians and create wealth destroying government jobs in the name of serving their constituents.  Capitalists create jobs ONLY because it allows them to make more money.  They give them good wages ONLY if they are worth their wage.

Most of us see Mitt’s world from the other side, but we still see it and live in it.  For us, if we want a good wage we either have to become better workers than the next guy, thereby increasing our value.  Or, we need to enter a field where there exists a shortage of qualified workers, thereby forcing the greedy capitalists to bid against each other for our services.  Not, (Mr. Santorum), by forcing people to work in unions where everyone is ‘equal’ and high wages become a right.

What is freedom and the American way?  The ability to hire or be hired by our own merit in the pursuit of our own INDIVIDUAL happiness.  It is what made and will make this country great and unlike any other nation in the history of the world.  Our founders got this.  Mitt gets this and it is the core of his conservatism.