A dispirited address to the Romney campaign

I really want to support Mitt Romney.  My wife and I sent him money in 2008 and 2 days before he left the race we ordered 25 road signs in preparation for the Louisiana primary.  We still have them, but have put none of them out.  I am not sure that Mitt will bring about the fundamental change that Washington needs. 

I don’t really care about the gaffes.  They are a part of politics.  His recent gaffe free support for indexing the minimum wage to inflation is extremely concerning to me.  While I know it would be politically improbable, I believe eliminating the federal minimum wage is a great idea, not raising it.  Instead, the minimum wage issue should be ignored until it becomes irrelevant, because entry level wages exceed the minimum wage.  In some parts of the country this is already the case. 

The very concept and discussion of a minimum wage is a liberal, big government win.  It contradicts the basic premise that wages should be set by the marketplace.  It denies that in the long run, market determined wages would result in greater prosperity throughout the economic spectrum.  A federal minimum wage lends credence to the ubiquitous progressive talking point that the one percent would choose to have us all living in squalor if it weren’t for government and union protection.

Government should only perform functions that it can perform better than the private sector.  The federal government should only perform functions that it can perform better than state or local governments, or functions that are required by the constitution.  A federal minimum wage fails on all three tests.  Liberals don’t recognize the tests.

Mitt needs to focus on conservative, constitutional principles.  He needs to demonstrate an unwavering faith in capitalism.  Sidetracks into liberal ideology bring everything he says into question.  They bring into question his conservatism.

Again, I want to support Mitt.  I believe he has the best experience and skills of all the candidates.  I believe he has the greatest potential to transform Washington. I don’t know if he wants to.  And if he does, I don’t know if he has the unwavering faith in and commitment necessary to stand up to the Washington establishment.  

I believe Ron Paul has what it takes to remake Washington, but that it wouldn’t matter, because his foreign policy would lead to the collapse of America from without.  I believe that the election of the other candidates would continue the collapse from within.  I believe Mitt could perform the turnaround our nation needs on all levels.    

Will he choose to?  My hope is dwindling.  I join the chorus that yearns for another candidate, but all I hear are echoes.