Why attacking Mitt won't work

There is one common thread in what has brought each of the other “frontrunners” back to the pack.  They were all brought down by breaking news.

For Bachman the breaking news was Perry coming in.  His entry was bold and effective and pretty much the high point of his candidacy.

For Perry I don’t believe the weak attacks on vaccines, illegals or racial insensitivity brought him down.  The breaking news that brought him down was his even weaker responses to these attacks in his pathetic early debates.   

Cain wilted after breaking reports of harrassment and rumored infidelity.

Despite a great deal of known baggage, including ethics violations and admitted infidelity, Newt soared to the top.  What broke him was $1.6 million from Freddie and Fannie and lobbying attacks which were weakly and belatedly refuted. 

I heard McCain’s attack ad against Romney from 2008 on Hannity last night.  Can Newt hit him any harder?  What new thing can he hit Mitt with?  Romneycare is yesterday’s news and every time Romney says he will end Obamacare, granting waivers on day one, a few more people who hate Romneycare come around to believe he means it.  Hammering on Romneycare will not change anyone’s mind that hasn’t already been apalled by it.  Repeating flip-flop liberal attacks that were effectively made by  McCain, Rudy and the Huckster during the last go ’round will likely result in yawns this time, except by those who are already against him. 

Is there anything out there to stop Romney?  I think a flat out dazzling debate performance by Perry could get him a second look.  There is nothing substantial holding him back, just perception.  While Newt is bashing Mitt, Perry should stay above the fray and reintroduce himself.  He’s got a record no one else can match!  Play nice, unless he gets a softball on Paul’s foreign policy.  Then jump with both feet!   I believe that as slim as his chances are that he will catch fire in time to stop Romney he is the only one with a chance.