Is there any significant issue that Romney hasn't flip-flopped on?

That question was posed by Mark Belling on his Milwaukee radio show.  I am sure many of you recognize him as a frequent fill in for Rush.  Then Belling went down the the list: abortion-flip, gun control-flip, global warming-flip, immigration-flip, health care-flip, union support-flip, taxes-mixed at best.

I supported Mitt Romneyin 2008, but then McCain and Huckabee were the primary options.  IMHO Fred never did what was needed to become a viable candidate.   I believe in ’08 Mitt was the best option.  I have since read Mitt’s book, No Apology, and some of the sections left me far from satisfied that Mitt really gets it.  So I entered this cycle with an eye for a better candidate, thinking surely after the last few years of conservative awakening a better candidate would come forth.  I wasn’t waiting for another Reagan, I was hoping for someone better!  A conservative hero that had learned from Reagan’s mistakes in making good faith deals with the Dems!  I am still waiting. 

I will not support Newt unless there is no other option but Obama.  Integrity and trustworthiness, even and especially in a candidates personal life matter to me.  For you Cainiacs and Perry supporters, let me say I believe those candidates are obviously more solid conservatives than Romney.  I like their vision.  My main reluctance in supporting  them is I don’t trust their ability to avoid the fatal stumble that would lose them the general election and I have little confidence in their ability to succeed in bringing their visions to pass if they do manage to win the presidency.  They still have a short window to mature as candidates and change my mind, but for now I am one of those elusive conservatives that is tepidly supporting Romney.

This is not a blog to defend Romney’s weaknesses.  I acknowledge there are many.  This is a blog to answer the question “what significant issues has Romney not flipped on?”.  For me this also answers the question of why I can support Romney while acknowledging that he is probably to the left of me on many issues.

First, he loves this country and believes in American exceptionalism and always has.  No flip.

Second, he loves his wife and has honored what I consider the most significant vow a person can make.  No flip.

Third, he does not tolerate red ink.  He finds a way to get whatever he takes charge of into the black.  No flip. 

Last, competance.  Romney is a highly intelligent workaholic and an exceedingly capable manager of people.  He gets stuff done.  Roughly quoting a voter in New Hampshire, he said he doubts any of the candidates can fix the mess in Washington, but he feels Romney is the only one qualified to try.  I agree, and I am grateful that Obama doesn’t have Romney’s skills.  I would love to see what Romney would do in a year with a filibuster proof conservative congress.  I am glad I didn’t get to see him for a year with Obama’s congress.  No flip.