It's the economy Mr. President

Our economy is in shambles. There is a leadership void in the White House, but the public is no longer wearing blinders. According to a recent CNN poll, the majority of Americans don’t feel the president deserves a second term
Candidate Obama ran on the mantra of hope and change. His appeal was that he was new with fresh ideas.  Misguided voters naively voted him into office because they hoped for positive change. Conservatives who looked beyond the well-polished campaign image clearly saw a man who firmly believed in failed left wing ideas. He was the hope of the far left, and has attempted radical change trying to transform our country to make it more compatible with the world view of those on the far left.

He had no executive experience. That lack of leadership skills is apparent in his handling of the economy. Americans are waking up to this fact as indicated in poll after poll. The president obstinately clings to his ideology, while the dismal economy shows no sign of improvement. The economy is the biggest concern for most Americans. Only one third of people polled approve of President Obama on the economy.  
Last week James Carville, famous for the line “It’s the economy stupid,” said it is time for the administration to panic and change course. “This is what I would say to President Barack Obama: The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed.” 

President Obama appears too stubborn to change direction. His biggest accomplishment has been to wake a sleeping public from a state of apathy, causing the republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections and the two special elections last week.  Even democrats such as James Carville have been pushed to the edge.
The republicans are tearing apart the president. The average American is looking for some sign of improvement. How will the president defend himself against his GOP opponent in 14 months? He will be battered on the economy.
The questions the GOP nominee will need to ask of the voters are the same ones asked by Ronald Reagan in 1980. “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? Is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was 4 years ago? Is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was 4 years ago?” 
If the president does not change course the answer to those questions will be “NO!” Maybe when President Obama is unemployed he’ll find some time to learn basic economics.