Blame Bush


“But Mommy! Georgie did it first!


Like a child deflecting blame on a sibling, every time the Obama administration makes one of its inevitable failures the answer is President Bush did it. It doesn’t matter if the point of question is addressed in a speech, a press conference, or an interview, or whether the Anointed One himself is speaking or one of his officials is given the task. When in doubt, blame Bush.


The problem with automatically pointing the finger of blame at others is that sooner or later, the American people realize that 3 fingers point straight to you. For the administration that time has finally arrived. Obama should have stepped back and thought about his answer to the current Solyndra situation. While it is true that the original loan process started under President Bush, his administration put the loan on hold due to concerns about the company. Answering in kind, the company executives and shareholders made some generous contributions to the Obama campaign. As soon as Obama took office the administration resumed the original plan, guaranteeing it $535 million dollars. In May 2010 the president promoted the company as an excellent method for the government to invest in green technology.


Who could have predicted that the company would file for bankruptcy?Well, I guess the Bush administration doesn’t count.


The jig is up, Mr. President. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions. In case you’ve forgotten, you’ve had 32 months in that Oval Office now, and you’ve failed to take responsibility for anything. But we haven’t forgotten those 32 months. And we will personally make sure that you only have 16 months left.

As of January 20, 2013, you can find someone new to blame. Because he’ll be living in the White House