"If you love me..."


President Obama was greeted with cries of “We love you!” in North Carolina on his jobs tour today. His response to such adoring fans? (And for all we know, they’re the only fans in the nation, based on his latest approval ratings.) “If you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill.”

Is this what passes for leadership in today’s Democratic Party? When did leadership become the love of brainwashed fans? And that love is demonstrated through their ability to jam his agenda down our throats. This is a new low.

Luckily, our founding fathers had the foresight to create a representative form of government. If the President wants to pass a $447 billion dollar jobs plan he’s going to have to get it past the Senate and the House.

So, if you love your country, give your representatives a call and let them know you won’t support this bill.