What if Iranian leaders are suicidal?

As someone who is from that part of the World, I feelthat when Obama and democrats talk about negotiatingwith Iran they do not understand the mentality of theleaders there. Instead they assume that those leaderswill respond rationally to political posturing.

There is a distinct possibility that the molla’s whoare ruling Iraq do want to see the second coming of thegreat Imam! According to them this can only be achievedvia the destruction of Israel and the subsequent destruction of Iran. This may sound crazy but it is apossibility one must consider and if you really knewthose people you would be more inclined to think so.Do you then think one can have a dialog with this mentality? They do not care about the state of theircountry and the standard of living of their people. Allthey want is to buy enough time to achieve their goalbefore they die. Consider them as a group of elderlysuicide bombers!

I am all for dialog and diplomacy but only with peoplewho are rational. Soviet leaders were rational in thissense. They did not want self destruction.