Sarah Palin play offense not defense

I have been disturbed not only by some of the questionsdirected to Sarah Palin but also with the lack of responseto them.

For example, it is repeatedly stated that “she has not metany world leaders”. This is a perfect question to playoffense as many presidential candidates of the past havenot met world leaders as well (Clinton, Carter,…). Tothis question I would respond with something like:

“If meeting world leaders is a criteria for VP candidates,then I also assume that it is a criteria for presidentialcandidates, this would rule out any governor or Washingtonoutsider. I don’t think we would want to do that! I can think of a few recent presidents like President Clinton orCarter who most likely have not met any world leaders priorto becoming President”.

Alternately, one can question why past presidential candidates like Clinton or Carter have not been asked thesame question. Is this because women have to be subjectto a different standard?