What We Pretend to Be...

…we eventually become.  Great saying, and usually true, but sometimes, it doesn’t always work out so well.  Imagine if Bruce Willis became a New York City Police officer.  I love the Die Hard movies.  John McClane is a great cop, so I’m sure Bruce will do a bang up job too…right?  While we’re at it, I’d like to put Keifer Sutherland in the hotseat at the CIA and do some real undercover work.  He had to have learned a thing or two playing Jack Bauer.  But to trump both of those, why don’t we elect Barack Obama to the presidency?  He REALLY looks presidential.  He’d be awesome.

True, it is not entirely new information that Obama was acting his way to the White House, but this realization – namely that acting has been all he has ever done in politics! – may be a bit new.  Like the two toughguy acting greats would have probably done at their own imaginary turned real life jobs, he did pretty good on the first couple days.  Everybody looked, and sighed a bit of relief saying “well, it looks like we picked the right guy for the job.  And doesn’t he really just look like a real president?  not like that Bush guy.” 

The problem, now, a few weeks into the job, is the same that Bruce Willis would have with the NYPD.  After the initial star worship has worn off, and he has been faced with some real challenges, or even basic work requirements, it has become immediately and painfuly obvious that he is ill-equipped for the job.  It also seems that maybe, just maybe, the rest of the country that voted for Barry has woken up to this fact as well. 

There is one silver lining to this mess we’re in now.  Obama has proven that acting will never be enough for a presidency.  There must also be substance to the man, and so it was not simply Ronaldus Magnus’s acting abilities that made him the great president he was.  Thank God for small comforts in times like these. 

Now we are faced with what to do as a country under so much fire.  Our financial sector is in shambles.  Actors make poor accountants.  Russia, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea have all decided to see how far they can push the envelope – and at the same time.  Actors make poor generals.  China while it has shown some agression, does not feel the need to push the military envelope at this time.  Why should they?  They are our creditors now.  If they wanted to take over, they would just need to foreclose!  Actors are terrible with their bills.  To top it all off, the gays in California look like they are trying to stage some sort of revolt.  Isn’t it enough that they be revolting?  Actors do so love a cause. 

The answer lies, believe it or not, in the stock market.  It is truly a wonderful bellweather tool.  In 2008 before the housing crash, the market was doing relatively well, though not fantastic.  But even after the initial crash, the markets restabilized, and even started to rise a bit.  That is of course, until Obama started taking a lead in the polls.  As the next two months went by, and as Obama’s numbers increased, the market’s numbers decreased.  On the two brief occasions where McCain has a slight surge in the polls, the markets had a fantastic surge the same day.  It felt like watching someone in a soundproof room, beating on the glass for all they are worth to warn the ignorant, deaf fools on the outside that the sky is, indeed, about to fall. 

Since Obama’s election, the market has responded with more in kind.  As long as his popularity rises, so does the market fall.  As long has he acheives his goals, the market plunges because it knows that Obama’s goals are in mortal combat with their own.  More and more Americans with wealth look at the market, take a strong look at Obama, and decisively say “I’m out”…to their stock broker.  Acting the part just isn’t getting the job done.

But the market has not stopped sending signals.  Last week, there were strong signals that Obama’s support is eroding among the people, and even among congressional Democrats.  How did the NYSE respond?  By rocketing up above 7000 again in a monstrous show of support for the lowering of confidence in Barack Obama.  Much like Rush, the market, a living breathing thing of its own, has decided that for the country to succeed, Obama must fail. 

So as a party, and as a movement, the way we help Barry fail is simple.  It comes to one word.  Sell.  While the message of the market is obviously strong, the the point of being disasterously so, it has not, as of yet, been clear.  No one among us has been willing to stand up and say “the reason we are taking our wealth out of the market is because we believe Barack Obama is going to make the whole system fail.  We’re getting our money while it’s still there…before he tries to take that too.”  After all, it is mostly Republicans who have their money invested in the market.  Anytime someone really delves deep into the finances of wealthy Democrats, it inevitably discovered that they have invested money in something highly illegal, so the odds of them investing anything in the market to counter the Great Republican Sell-Down are minimal.  At that point, no great actor in the world could convince the American people that keeping this man in office is a good idea.

And if the market goes low enough.  If enough investors are telling the nation “I’m getting out because of Obama!  I don’t trust a bad actor with my money!”  Then perhaps, he can be gone well before 2012, and we might have time to save the country yet.