Obama: The Worst Chess Player Ever

It has been announced that Medvedev and Putin, they dynamic duo of the new Communist Russia have reached, or nearly reached agreements with Cuba and Venezuela to host Russian strategic bombers.  Now, while many readers are thinking to themselves that this is going to be Cuban Missile Crisis Part Two, a few things should first be examined.  While JFK was untested as a president, he was well tested in battle.  While his political opponents might have called him many things, one thing they could not call him was cowardly.  Much unlike Kennedy, Mr. Obama might very well be a coward.  Other than his own campaign for President, it is difficult to distinguish anything he has ever actually stood up for in his own life.  He is known among his colleagues and former colleagues to be a side lines man.  Putin, being the excellent strategist that he is (this cannot be denied), knows this about young Mr. Obama, and is willing to exploit this trait.  After all, Mr. Putin does so love playing chess. 

It is that proclivity, after all, that may have led to the very quiet relationship over the past eight years between Russia and the United States.  After Mr. Putin’s and former President Bush’s first meeting, Putin expressed a clear interest in continued friendly relationships with the U.S.  There can hardly be a wonder why given the former president’s “cowboy persona”.  Had Putin attempted such chess moves with Bush, he would have found himself at odds with a man who was apparently playing checkers, jumping Putin’s well placed rooks and bishops with pawns, demanding that he “king me”, and forcing a confused Putin back to the drawing board.  Bush may have even behaved like Kennedy, and threatened to blow up the entire board rather than lose a single piece. 

Obama, on the other hand, seems very agreeable to chess.  He does have a somewhat unorthodox strategy.  He likes to *hope* that his luck will *change* and play with the pieces he has lost which sit on the sidelines, telling the audience to cheer with him “yes we can!”  Putin would not even need to threaten, as Kruschev once did that Russia will crush us.  He can simply do it while Obama plays with his pieces. 

In the end, it comes down to the fact that the only way to acheive victory against force is with force, or the real prospect of it.  No matter how much we claim to have evolved as a society, many nations in this world have no such pretenses.  In fact, historically, diplomacy has only ever served to accomplish one of two ends.  It either delays force to a point where a war becomes much more costly than it should have been (think: World War I), or it allows an evil power time to expand it’s effectiveness before the initial blow is struck (think: World War II). 

One is forced to wonder now, will Obama suddenly become a man he has never been, nor pretended to be in order to stave off the growth of Russian aggression, or will he continue to sit on the sidelines until the inevitable comes to our doorstep (think: World War III).