What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

A question asked of Jason Sager at the First Hernando Republican Club candidate forum was: “If elected, would you submit a bill, that whatever the house passes, that a bill that affects the American people, that congress will be affected in the same way?”

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Jason Sager responded with: “Yes, it’s actually a part of the Congressional Reform Act…. that all laws that apply to the people must apply to Congress the same….. Let me tell you what I’m going to do before that bill is even passed. I’m going to contribute voluntarily to Social Security and Medicare as you’re Congressional representative, I can do that on my own. The other thing I made a pledge to the people the past 9 months of my campaign, I will not for any certain terms draw a federal pension when you feel it’s time for me to come home. I will invest my hard earned dollars just as you invest your hard earned dollars. I find that whole system absurd. We do not elect people to go to Washington for a two year term and then after they serve about four, pay them for life… I will take the lead on that issue; we will apply the law equally. If we cannot get the law applied equally by legislation, I’ll do it on my own, because I’m a man of integrity. And that’s what you expect of your representative.”

Jason Sager will not only fight to give equal rights to the people of this country, Congress must be made to be included. Further, Jason will set an example for the rest of Congress to follow. Integrity and honesty can still be found in representatives. You just have to look for it and elect the candidate with honesty and integrity to represent you in the Congress.