Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida Endorsment for Jason Sager

Congratulations! Jason Sager has been endorsed by the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida.

The Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida examines the principles and values of republican candidates. They adhere strictly to those values and principles of Ronald Reagan. They have a vetting process they use to determine whether or not a candidate meets the criteria to be endorsed by their organization. Jason Sager, was vetted by the RRRAF recently and met the requirements needed to be considered a true conservative candidate of the Republican Party. His endorsement is an honor.

Convention Chair, Virginia Bomford, stated, “While the large number of high-quality candidates in several races prevented any one candidate from garnering the required 60% of the vote cast in their race to earn our endorsement, we are pleased that so many candidates were able to attend and speak to our members.”

When asked about receiving the endorsement, candidate Sager quoted President Ronald Reagan, “Republican assemblies are the conscience of the Republican Party.” Sager continued, “I am truly honored and humbled to be endorsed by the Assembly of Reagan.”

RRRAFL President Jim Bomford stated, “I believe Jason Sager shares our values and will be the best choice to truly represent the people of District 5.”

President Reagan said “If we lose freedom here, there is nowhere else to run.” President Reagan knew that the progressives were slowly increasing regulation, slowly taking away freedom. He knew that if they succeeded we would lose our Republic and our Constitution. He stood up to the progressives of his time and refused to concede to their demands.

We now have a progressive band of leaders in Washington attempting to destroy our Constitution, our Republic, and our very way of life. They have put forth laws such as the current health care bill forcing citizens to buy insurance against their will. They have ignored the federal laws such as immigration laws, and allowed illegal immigrants to stay in our country. They are attempting to force citizens to follow laws of man-made global climate change without any solid documentation to back up their claim. These rules and laws are nothing more than an attempt to control the citizens of this country and turn this free country into a socialist state; a socialist state that no longer derives its powers from the consent of the governed, but instead enslaves its people to a powerful tyrannical group of progressive leaders.

We are, in 2010, faced with critical decisions concerning our Republic and our Constitution. We need Ronald Reagans in our House of Representatives and our Senate to stop the march to socialism. This task cannot be left up to the powers in Washington. The current progressive Washington elites are the very ones marching us to socialism. We the People must be the ones to save our country from tyranny and socialism. The only way we can save our country is to remove the progressives from our federal government. We must stand up to the progressive powers in Washington as Ronald Reagan did when he was president.

How do we accomplish this task? Washington picks candidates for us. They tell us who should be the new leaders to run the country. Not so fast Washington. This is our country. We the People will decide who goes to Washington in 2010 to represent us. We the People will decide who is a faithful conservative representative and who is not.

Jason Sager, conservative candidate of Florida Congressional District 5 has spoken to many people and groups across his district. He stands for the conservative principles and values that Ronald Reagan stood for. He has refused to compromise his beliefs to pick up a vote here or there. He has stated without fear of criticism who he is and why he is running for this office. He has never circumvented the answer to a question. He knows that a few people will never agree with him but he continues to stand firm for what he believes in.

Jason Sager has said many times that “We need to re-lock the chains of the Constitution around the federal government.” We the citizens of district 5 will not allow the progressive elites in Washington to destroy our Republic, Constitution, or our way of life. We will take a stand and stand firm with Jason Sager.