Pasco County Reagan Day Dinner

Jason with Marco Rubio, candidate for United States Senate

Friday night’s Reagan Day dinner in Pasco County was an eventful night. Honored guest and keynote speaker Jeb Bush, former popular governor of Florida, stated “…….if you carry Pasco County you’ll be in public service in the greatest state of the 50 states”. Part of Pasco county is in the district 5 congressional district which Jason Sager is running for.

Among the candidate guests were Bill McCollum, Marcio Rubio, Pam Bondi and Jason Sager.

Jason Sager candidate for Florida congressional district 5 is in step with the conservative beliefs of the republican party of limited government, giving the people of his district a voice in how their district, state and nation will be run. Jason told Fox 13 news, “I am asking people in my particular race to make a decision and that is whether to follow the United States Constitution or not.”

Jason with Pam Bondi, candidate for Attorney General in Florida

Following the Constitution will make it possible to limit government, bring private sector business back to this country, repeal the 16 amendment, institute the Fair Tax, stop illegal immigration, enforce the already established immigration laws, and allow the several states to exercise their states rights. The list goes on.

It was good to hear former Governor Jeb Bush speak, showing qualities of integrity, honesty, and good old conservative values. Those beliefs that Jason has been campaigning on since day one.

With candidates like Jason Sager, Marco Rubio, and Pam Bondi, a Republican win in November will be the first step in returning our great United States of America into a country of smaller government, more private sector business growth, and a return to the founding document, the United States Constitution, that established this nation as the greatest nation in the world.

For more about the Reagan Day dinner, check out this video from My Fox Tampa Bay (Fox 13 News):