The Unethical Entrance to the City

We recently learned that our Congresswoman fell ill and is not going to seek re-election. The entire Sager for Congress campaign family continues to pray for her and her family in what is sure to be a difficult time in all of their lives.

We must clarify some of the misreporting in the media over the past several days. Mrs. Brown-Waite is NOT retiring. She will complete her term through January of 2011. To say that she is “retiring” is to assume that she would have automatically won her re-election bid this election year. There are two people in particular who were challenging Mrs. Brown-Waite for the people’s seat in Congressional District Five; Jason Sager and the candidate representing the Democratic Party.

We are being told that Mrs. Brown-Waite “chose her successor.” This is also not true being that the candidate she “chose to stand in her place” will have to face Jason Sager in the primary election for the Republican Party nomination. Jason is someone who believes in the principles of a republic which is the reason that he is a member of the Republican Party. The actions of Mrs. Brown-Waite would indicate she believes that we now live in some form of representative monarchy. The District Five seat in the House of Representatives isn’t “her seat,” it belongs to the people of Congressional District Five; and every two years, through an election process, the people of the district choose whom they wish to represent them in the Congress. Knowing this simple truth would correct the statements now promulgated that the voters will have no choice this year.

What We the People will now ask for is a fair an honest debate between the two Republican Party candidates seeking the honor and privilege to represent the people of Congressional District Five as their voice in the 112th Congress.

We are openly calling upon Mrs. Brown-Waite and the candidate that she has chosen to immediately refrain from using the people’s resources to promote his candidacy. Chapter Four of the House Ethics Manual and the Federal Elections Campaign Act (FECA) strictly prohibit using “Official Resources” for the purpose of campaigning.

These rules and laws were clearly broken over the past few days and the evidence can be found on the Congresswoman’s official website.

We now have also learned that her chosen candidate has been enjoying introductions and having meetings with other officers of the United States while in Washington, D.C. this week, with her assistance. These laws were written specifically to prevent such things from happening while officers are serving and being compensated by the people of this nation for their service.

Jason Sager has campaigned for six months directly to the people of this district and will continue to do so. He feels it unnecessary to go to Washington at this time because the good people he is running to represent are here in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District. He also feels it would be a waste of time as many of the people he would meet with may not be there when he arrives for the 112th Congress.

We at the Sager for Congress campaign will continue to conduct ourselves in accordance with laws of our land and are asking our new primary election opponent to do so as well. We feel it is the only way to achieve a fair and open primary election on August 24th of this year.