Jason Sager Joins the Freshmen 50

He will Join Coalition of 50 Candidates to Support Common Sense Reforms as Freshmen Congressional Representatives

Brooksville, FL, May 3, 2010 – Jason P. Sager, Jeffersonian Republican candidate for United States Representative in Florida’s Congressional District Five, is proud to announce he is a candidate in the “Bullpen” of The Freshmen 50, a coalition of candidates around the country dedicated to fiscal and legislative responsibility. This non-partisan PAC is a simple platform of six reforms – reforms that Americans are demanding.

  • Apply the Law Equally: All laws that apply to all citizens must also apply to Congress.

  • Term Limits: Limit terms in Congress to no more than 12 years in the House and Senate, respectively.

  • Enforce Congressional Ethics: Yearly tax and expense audits, former Congressmen and their staff cannot be lobbyists, allow the ethics committee to do their job.

  • Read the Bill: Prior to final vote, the entire bill must be read out loud on the floor of the House; if a representative is not present for the entire reading, he cannot vote.

  • Tax Reform: Repeal the 16th amendment and replace our current tax code in favor of one that taxes only once, at one rate, and require a 2/3-majority vote for any new tax.

  • Balance the Budget: Amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget.

Currently, nearly 100 candidates have signed onto the platform and many of those candidates are in the most competitive races around the country. Any current candidate can join the Bullpen until September. This is the answer to the concerns of many Americans today – a coalition with the accountability and strength in numbers to get the job done.

The list of candidates will made available at www.thefreshmen50.com beginning on May 3, 2010. The final 50 candidates will be selected based on a combination of their respective chance of success and the degree to which The Freshmen 50 PAC can make the biggest impact on the status quo. The final 50 candidates will receive PAC money and a national advertising campaign will be launched on their behalf.

Brian Miller, an Air Force veteran and candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District founded The Freshmen 50 in early 2009.

Please e-mail [email protected] for more information about The Freshmen 50 or contact [email protected] .