Why Rubio Should be our First Choice

Super Tuesday is here and the stakes are high. There is little chance that anyone can win the Republican nomination except Donald Trump unless Republicans wake up and admit what is about to happen. We need to rally around a candidate. I think that candidate should be Marco Rubio.

If you are thinking about voting for Donald Trump, please don’t. It should be obvious as to why, which I’ll explain in a minute. If you are one of the die-hard 30% that would follow him to the grave, I probably can’t help you.

First, here is why I think you should vote for Marco Rubio over Ted Cruz. I’m not going to talk about Kasich or Carson because they are too far down in the polls, and have no chance to win the nomination with Trump, Rubio and Cruz in the race. They should have dropped out already, and should be a non-starter for you at this point. Your vote would be wasted.

Why you should vote for Marco Rubio

Rubio is a conservative. Somehow Rubio, a first-term Senator who beat an establishment candidate, is being labeled an establishment candidate. I think that’s because the establishment doesn’t hate him, and are rallying around him. That should not bother you. Rubio gets high marks for his conservative record. Yes, Ted Cruz’s score is a little higher, but it’s not like Marco is John McCain or Mitt Romney (and if you sat on your hands and didn’t vote for either of them when they ran against Obama, you got what you deserve… and thanks a lot).

If the Gang of Eight immigration issue is bothering you, get over it. There are very few things that should make you a one-issue voter. This is not one of them, because he’s already said the most important thing. He’s said the first thing he will do is secure the border. He will also put in place measures to make sure we track those who are in this country legally, and that employers will be held accountable for hiring people who are here illegally. I believe him. I also know he doesn’t want to be a one-term president, and he’s well aware that going back on his word will do him in.

For me, the biggest issue is who is the most conservative candidate who can actually win in November. If you listen to Rush and Hannity and watch Fox news, you have to remember that you are in a bubble. The democrats have the best super PAC in the land. It’s called the mainstream media, and along with Hollywood and liberal social media outlets, they control what the low-information voter sees, hears and reads. There will be people voting who don’t know how many supreme court justices there are, who the vice president is, and what the three branches of government are. They do not have informed opinions, so their opinions are formed exclusively by media on the left.

College students and recent graduates are just as uninformed and out of touch, if not more so. They are further controlled by what they hear and read in their insulated, microaggression-free environment headed by teachers and administrators who never left school and who continue to push and expand on the leftist agenda they were spoon fed.

In the environment I just described, Cruz has no chance. He will be crucified by the media. While I like Cruz’s policies and the strength of his convictions, he comes off as a smarmy televangelist. I have a hard time getting past that, and I’m a conservative Republican. Cruz will be made to look like an extreme, right-wing nut job on the late night shows and on college campuses. Plus, voters are angry, and for many, that includes gridlock in Washington. The media will talk about how no one in the Senate likes Ted.  That’s not a good thing in the general election. These are not conservative voters we are trying to win to expand our base. Cruz is unlikely to get the independent voters we need or crossover democrats who are tired of the Clintons (or who think Sanders would go too far, should he beat Hillary).

Rubio is smart. He has an excellent grasp of the issues, especially national defense. He will be much harder to attack than Cruz in the general election. He is eloquent in defending what he believes, and comes off way more likable than Ted Cruz when he does it. Even though Rubio is very conservative, and will stand up for conservative principles, he has a better chance of selling that message to the broad base of voters we need to win the general election.

Thinking of voting for Trump?

Here’s what will happen if Trump wins the nomination. First, he will move to the center, because he has no principles. He will take whatever position and make whatever deal he thinks it will take to win. That won’t matter, though. The media will pull out all the stops and all the skeletons. There will be no more skating by for “The Donald”. There will be no more free and easy media. They’ll stop letting him phone it in on the morning shows, and when they do have him on, it won’t be to kowtow for ratings like they have been. They will bring up every indiscretion and every business failing. They will expose his lack of substance and his lack of character. His answers on “the shows” and in the debates will make Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes Scholar, and he will make the Republican Party look like a bunch of idiots for putting him there.

Let me add that Trump is not a Christian if that is important to you. He doesn’t even know how to pretend to be a Christian. I am not “judging his faith”, I am pointing out the obvious lack of faith as evidenced by his lack of humility, his mouth, and his actions. Read James 3, and tell me how I am wrong about that. If you’re not a Christian, you should still care about this, because being president is all about character. While Trump is indeed a character, his character is highly suspect.

There you have it. Make the right choice when you go vote. If you’ve already voted, and voted the wrong way, it’s too late. I just hope it’s not too late for our party or this still great country we’re privileged to live in.