Donald Trump and the Art of the Ad Hominem

Donald Trump’s defining characteristic, and his biggest weakness, is his ego. And, it’s because of this trait that his primary response to any criticism, constructive or not, is an Ad Hominem attack.

An Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy that in Latin means “to the man”. It means that when presented with a statement from someone that you don’t agree with, rather than addressing the points of the argument, you attack the person. This is Trump’s specialty. He revels in it. He dares people to attack him, because it gives him a chance to fire back with an Ad Hominem. Plus, he thinks that turns on the base and that his poll numbers will climb even higher.

He’s been right up to this point. That concerns me, because it’s usually those on the left who say the hateful things. It’s usually the left that does not look at the facts in a situation, but instead attack the person rather than their arguments. It bothers me that the 30% or so that say they support him let him get away with it.

Let’s look at some of his insults so far. He whined about the questions he got at the debate and then called Megyn Kelly a bimbo. He’s called George Will, Charles Krauthammer and Erick Erickson losers. He called Hugh Hewett a second rate radio host because Hewett asked him a difficult question on foreign policy .

He calls Jeb Bush low energy. He then said Ben Carson makes Jeb Bush look like the energizer bunny. He basically called Rick Perry dumb by saying he puts on glasses so people will think he’s smart.

I don’t want a president who can’t take criticism, or who feels he has to call people names. I don’t want a president who has no sense of humility. I want a confident president, yes, but not one who is a narcissist and who thinks he can do no wrong. We’ve had that for the last six and a half years and I’m tired of it.

We have some great candidates on the Republican side. Let’s pick someone who has been a consistent conservative voice, and who actually has a chance to win the general election.

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