Stop Border Crossings to Stop the Flood

I’m glad the president has put forth a proposal for handling the influx of illegal immigrants who have surged across the border, but the dollar figure stuns me. He’s asking for 3.7 billion dollars. That’s almost four-thousand-million dollars.

He met with Rick Perry today, and afterward talked about what we need to do to stem the flood. One thing he wants to do is work with the Mexico and Central American governments to attack the problem. The plan includes 300 million  to help those governments counter “misinformation” by smugglers.

What will stop the flood is keeping people from crossing the border, and if they do, sending them back as quickly as possible. That will counter any misinformation. Governor Perry suggested this in the meeting. Send the national guard to help, deploy border patrols where they can actually keep people from getting across, not apprehending them after the fact, and decrease the time it takes to process illegal immigrants.

Word will then get out that you can’t just stroll across the border, disappear and/or get amnesty at some point. That will have a huge impact. People will quit coming in huge numbers if they see that others who made the trip are right back where they started. I think we can do that for less than $4 billion. That will stop the bleeding, and we can then focus on sensible immigration reform without writing a check in the middle of a crisis.

This administration and a democrat controlled Congress spent almost a trillion dollars in stimulus money that was full of waste with little to show for it, not to mention over a half a billion dollars on a website that didn’t work. I question their money management skills.