A Closing Argument - Why Four More Years?

It’s time for the closing arguments in this election, and we need to make ours. This is the most important election of our time. The most important question everyone should be asking themselves is: “Why four more years?”

All you Facebookers please ask that of all of your friends. I’ve made it easy and written the post for you. Let’s make a closing argument to all our friends on Facebook—Republicans and Democrats, red-state and blue-state. Just copy and paste the following into your status a few times the next few days prior to the election.

President Obama is asking for four more years. Before you vote, ask yourself what he’s done to earn that opportunity. Don’t forget that he had control of Congress for his first two years in office, which is when he forced through Obamacare, plus spent over 800 billion dollars that didn’t stimulate the economy. It seems he’s spent the second two years complaining and campaigning. He doesn’t have a good record, so his campaign has been centered around trying to scare you away from voting for Mitt Romney, a man who has proven leadership experience turning around organizations and who was a successful Republican governor in a mostly Democrat state. Candidate Obama promised change the first time around. Why believe him again if he has no plan other than telling you why not to vote for the other guy? Think before you vote! Does he deserve four more years? Please share this important question with others.