opposition industry

Sean Hannity (met him in San Diego) declares at least once during each of his radio talk shows that; some statement of a liberal is “unbelievable”. Other radio talk show hosts (I sample all in my radio area) have proclaimed; they don’t understand liberal thinking.


Over the past 50 years I struggled with my inability to comprehend liberal thinking. After-all many liberals have a higher education. I was irritated that my logical arguments were not capable of convincing left-wingers of their folly. I decided the common (as opposed to elite) liberal is simply a Cool-aid drinker.


My explanation for elites; I deduced a few years ago that an “opposition industry” in the best traditions of capitalism has dramatically expanded over the past forty years. The lame-stream media promotes such activity because the more “Twilight Zone” the message the more attention they can garner. Exposure for selling product and service is the incentive.


Because much of liberal promoted ideas are destructive to United States prosperity and liberty, which was based on traditional American values, I reluctantly arrived at the conclusion that sociopaths are best to manage that opposition activity. Consequently not caring allows them to simply game the system to their financial advantage.


The opposition industry includes; all liberal / progressive organizations, most public schools administration, most universities, aclu, sierra club, la raza … etc.


TownHall.cam first post August 2008