Anger over the Media & Liberals attitudes towards the GOP

As this healthcare “reform” has developed and now passed, I have gotten increasingly angry over the attitudes towards conservatives and the way GOP leaders are presenting the party.

Most conservatives agree with most of the reform ideas that were presented and passed: disallowing pre-existing condition exclusions, portability, competition, etc. Conservatives don’t like the “let’s all pay for insurance for the able-bodied who elected to not get it on their own” idea and Liberals wouldn’t have a word regarding tort reform. I know it’s an over-simplification, but the way I see it, the majority of the bill is common ground. There are relatively few items that we differ on.

My first point of anger is that Liberals are getting away with painting conservatives as soulless demons that want to see pregnant women die in childbirth and people who once had cancer continue to live without insurance and face the consequences of so ignorantly getting sick. That isn’t true. We all know it. Liberals won’t give us credit for agreeing with so many of the same concepts. I want to see people to hang on to their healthcare if they lose their job. I want people to be able to take risks to make their own business ventures. But – I don’t think that everybody should be forced to pay for insurance for the portion of Americans who have elected to not purchase insurance when it’s available to them.

My second point of anger is the outward image being portrayed by Rep Boehner, Chairman Steele and many others. To make their point that extreme liberal parts of the healthcare bill are bad for the economy, they are demonizing the entire package and worsening the rift between the parties. Everybody except FoxNews looks at them as crazy bantering loons, and they keep harping on points that are moot and outdated theories that have been disproven. Why can’t they just continue to emphasize that last portion of the entire package that’s bad for the country and praise the parts we agree on?

I know their is political benefit to pushing back hard against the left – but the divide that’s being created in our country socially is going make it impossible to do anything in politics, anyway. I have friends that are liberal. I am staunchly conservative, and proud of it. The actions of both the left & the right in Washington and in the media are making it hard to keep that friendship without it turning into partisan bickering.

Can’t we all just get along?